Last Year Google introduced Android 8.0 Oreo, Now 2018 is the year of Android P or Android 9 the upgraded version of Oreo with different new features, gestures and different
navigation system and user interface. We are still a month or more time away from its release for public use but here are some of the essential features that Android lover should know.
The ninth version of Android, i.e., Android P was first announced by Google on March 7 and on the same day first developer preview was released. Further, Second review, i.e., Beta quality, Third review, i.e., Beta 2 and then fourth review, i.e., Beta 3 was released with some time gap. According to report, Android P name is based on
Pistachio Ice Cream.

Android Pistachio

Some features of Android P are as : –

. Earlier when Google had introduced Android 3.0, they came up with three new navigation buttons that were Back, Home and Recent. However, in Android P these are being
. The User-Interface is so much attractive

Android P user interface
– The colourfull icons in setting, circular setting icons, rounded corners are so much attractive that may feel you alive from deep.
– The updated animations and new gestures are something like that your fingertips can only feel and can only be experienced in-person.
. One more important features are not currently updated but will be developed by Google shortly that will be known as Google Dashboard.
– It will give you a glimpse of how you’re using your phone.
– Which app you are using the most
– No of times you open the main screen, no. of notification came, etc
These all are going to help you in maintaining your phones that may result into long-lasting of your phone as it would be Prescription for your phone.

Android P battery settings
. Updation on Battery Life
Google always take care of their users in every system from speed to memory, brightness to battery life.
– In Oreo Google came up with automatic adjustment of Brightness of your mobile phone, i.e., it depends on your environment, and time like at Night it is different
and different for noon time.
– Similarly, Google comes with new usage of Machine Learning in Android P. In Android P Google has something new to save your battery power. It will examine
how you are using the phone and limit CPU usage accordingly.

Android P running on devices


Android P with its gestures and features will be in your hand soon, and you will be enjoying.

If you want to try Android P like Gestures on your device check here.


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