The substratum is widely famous for applying overlays to the Android it came into life after the CyanogenMod stopped its cm theme engine and then developers started including Substratum theme engine support to their custom ROM’s. Substratum can theme anything of the Android. In previous years the theming ability was provided by the Xperia smartphones, but with the release of Android Oreo, a new feature of Andromeda was introduced that was applying themes or overlays to the Android skin with the help of cmd commands that means there is no need to root your smartphones.

Andromeda add-on:

Substratum theme engine itself doesn’t work on Android Oreo without root, but Andromeda is an add-on of the Substratum theme engine which can apply themes on the stock non-rooted Android device in a straightforward way. Just some clicks and you are ready to apply any substratum themes in your device without the need of root. Andromeda uses the ADB script to apply the themes, and this process is swift. The use of ADB commands here comes as the demerit because all permissions of ADB will be gone after rebooting device this means if you have installed the theme, and then you rebooted your device the theme will remain applied, but you can’t be able to remove or change theme until you grant all permissions again.

Steps to install Andromeda add-on:-

Users have to install the  Andromeda and Substratum app from Playstore and download the desktop client from here and extract the desktop client on your PC or Mac.
1. After installing just Open the Andromeda app, it will say Connection Status Disconnected.

2. Connect your device to USB to the PC.

3. Goto the location where you have extracted the Andromeda desktop client and double click on the start_andromeda.

4. You will see a message and then press any key, it will run all commands by itself, and the Substratum theme engine will open on your device.

5. Select the theme which you want to apply and select your Android version and check all boxes where you want the theme to be applied.

6. Click the floating pink button on the bottom-right corner and choose Build and Enable.

7. Your theme will be applied.

Uninstalling Substratum theme:-

To delete Substratum theme Open Substratum theme engine click on Manager and you will see all Themes that has been applied to your device.

⦁ Just select the box from where you want to Uninstall/Remove the theme otherwise if you’re going to uninstall all themes at once click on Select to toggle all overlays.

⦁ Press the button in the bottom-right corner and select Uninstalled Selected.

⦁ And you will be back to stock device theme.


If you have rebooted your device you have to connect your device to the PC again then goto Andromeda desktop client folder and run the start_andromeda file to grant all permissions to the app.

Final Thoughts:-

Andromeda is a great app to install that gives such power to install themes without rooting the device, but the app comes at some price that is Rs.130 and it worth it. If you want to customize your device in your way just give this app a chance, you will not be disappointed with the results.


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