Bitdefender Mobile Security For iOS Devices | Review 2017

Earth is now a global village. It is now very easy to access and make contact with anyone around the globe. Every nook and cranny of the earth is connected by an interconnection of networks i.e. the Internet and appliances supporting this access all around, like smartphones,laptops,tablets etc. Due to the connectivity and easy access worldwide, the safety and privacy of people have become highly questionable. Here comes the role of mobile security and anti-malware apps. All across the world, there are many companies and developers that promise cyber security and protection for your gadgets, but then comes the question of reliable cyber security and antivirus software offered by these companies.

Here comes the Bitdefender app to the rescue. It’s a cyber-security and antivirus software company situated in Romania that is operating successfully since 2001. Theyoffer many ranges of computer protection software and have around 500 million users worldwide. Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS is one of their ventures.

About Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS

This app for iOS devices is one drop destination for keeping your iPhone safe. Bitdefender,which is the developer of this security service serves the purpose by asking for the individual to create an account in its website database. After the account is registered and verified in the central account, the mobile security can be easily managed and personalised in various easy steps. Then this app does its work by monitoring, scanning and reporting any activity that is undesired by you and is accordingly set by you in the settings.

Features in a nutshell

There are three very important features offered by this application.

  1. Non-accessibility after theft.

  1. Privacy of the web dashboard.

  1. To detect breaching of email accounts.

In case of the unfortunate event of theft of the phone from any place, this iOS application plays a very significant role. The anti-theft module of this iOS appfeatures its own dashboard. This dashboard provides various options to remotely locate the iPhone and securely lock and wipe it. This feature takes into account and offers the ability to make the iPhone inaccessible. Due to its inaccessibility, whatever is stored on the phone is protected and thus becomes unavailable for any misuse.Under any circumstances, your digital data remains private. And because the iPhone is securely locked and cannot be breached, it gives you more time to report and track the phone.

The web dashboard that you use is also a private phenomenon for any individual.It is very unethical to have unauthorised access into anyone’s private web space. And even in this situation, our trustyiOS appcomes to the rescue. It provides privacy of one’s own web dashboard and whatever you have surfed in the web is secured by it. This feature is highly appreciable by those customers who have their database stored and accessed online.

One of the best soughed after feature of this mobile security appis its option to verify if the e-mail account that you use is being broken into or not. It uses simple steps that connect your e-mail account to the software. Bitdefenderthen validates the email account and notifies you when your email account is broken into. You can then decide the time to reset the password. The app runs a check and discovers if the privacy is breached in anyway.Hence it keeps your e-mail account private.

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s an all-around package that is easy to use and protects the iPhone in every way possible, and keeps your information safe and secured.

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