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boAt Rockerz 400 Worth it or Not?

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Everyone knows about Headphones and today we are going to talk about whether boAt Rockerz 400 is worth to buy or not . I know it is the best Headphone under Rs 1,500 and most of the times in the Amazon sale and it is available for Rs 1,000. The best thing about this Headphones is you can use it in two ways i.e. with Bluetooth and without Bluetooth. I mean to say that when you Headphone’s battery is low then you can use AUX cable to listen to music which is a good thing.

boat 400 pros consI’m just telling you the overview of the boAt Rockerz 400 and the problems what many of my friends faced. Not only me who is facing the problem but yes, most of the users are facing the same problem which is explained in this post.

Main Features of this boAt Rockerz 400

  • Battery Life- Battery life of this headphones is really impressive and the time it covers is 3-4 hours continuously. I’m not talking about the new one, the one I’m talking is a 4-5-month-old.
  • Bass-  The bass of this Headphones is very good, we all know Boat is famous for its bass.
  • Volume- Volume of this headphones is also good when you listen to loud music and you can’t hear what’s going on outside.
  • Charging Time- When the battery is totally low then it survives for 1 – 2 hours.
  • Price- As far as the specifications are concerned the price is Ok. On Amazon, the price is Rs 1,499 after 50% discount and on Flipkart, the price is Rs 1,499 after 49% discount. But when Amazon comes with an offer or sale the price will lowered up to Rs 1,000-1,299.


Pros as said earlier, are the price, bass, volume etc. These are all the other pros of this boAt Rockerz 400 headphones.

  • Fitting is good.
  • Noise cancelling when you talk.
  • Aux cable are also there for when the battery is low.
  • In Budget.
  • Long Battery Life.


There are just 2-3 cons to what I have been facing with this headphones.

    • While on a call – When your phone rings and you pick up the call, most of the times the voice is not clear and another person just keeps on saying hello… hello, but our voice is not clear so we have to change the priority to the earpiece, I face this most of the times.
    • When listening to music- Most of the times times it creates a problem when we try to connect to the phone, it says connected but its not connected. This is what annoys the most. Moreover, we pause the song and clear the notification from the screen it takes time for that too, not much fast.

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