Bonk Be Live – An App that will make you a Social Media Sensation, Supports AR and 3D Gifts

Bonk Be Live has emerged as a powerful application to help you out in becoming a sensation on social media. The all new app for Android and iOS users allows them to broadcast themselves online and attract thousands of followers around the globe. The broadcaster can become an overnight superstar by just entertaining the global audience.

Bonk Be Live has also revolutionized the traditional way of advertising and has put the advertisers in a win-win scenario. The broadcaster will be creating a call-to-action for the audience viewing the broadcast to promote the products/services of the advertisers. This will definitely help the advertisers to get more conversions.

A More about Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live is a new broadcasting app in the app world that has been developed by Boink Live Streaming Limited for iOS and Android platforms. The app has already created a buzz in the market after being called as a game-changer by 26+ tech companies working in the Silicon Valley. The app is well tailored for the modern day youth who loves to communicate on social media or video calls ditching the traditional way of communication.

Bonk Be Live is equipped with just every feature that you can find in its competitor app plus the additional features that can entertain the users. It is outraging just every application coming in its way to become the top leader in this industry. For this Bonk Be Live has even signed a contract named ‘Imagically’ with Greg Gifford, the top marketer and promoter in the world.

What’s Imagically?

Bonk Be Live is already launched in 100+ nations of the world and now, the next goal of the company is to reach millions of users. For this, a new contract has been signed for 30 million users with Greg Gifford. Bonk Be Live will be spending US $25 million under the guidance of Greg to take this application to the top spot in the industry.

Greg Gifford is the new Executive Vice President (Corporate Development) of the US operations of Bonk Be Live. Greg’s ultimate goal will be the ‘Subscriber Recruitment’. With the track record he has, it will hardly take two to three months to bomb Bonk Be Live on the number spot. So, in early 2018, we will see a new app exploding as a challenger in the broadcasting industry.

We all hope that Imagically is the new beginning for Bonk Be Live app and with Greg Gifford in its team, the application is surely going to reach mass audience in no time.

What’s New in Bonk Be Live?

If you have used Bonk Be Live a few months back then you will be amazed to explore some of the newest features launched in this app. Let’s have a look:

  • The use of colors on the main screen, font styles, and the page layout is attractive.
  • The ‘Go Live’ option has now become more customizable. You can choose the title, create the hashtags, set up geo-location, choose stream’s display color, choose stream category, and can even share the stream on your social accounts.
  • You can now draw on screen, record the moments, addaugmented reality features on screen, send likes, send bright & funny GIFs and emojis, add masks & stickers, and invite the followers to video chat.
  • The ‘Moments’ page with display all your activities including new photos, YouTube shared videos, posts, recorded moments, group chats, and stream to the followers.
  • You can send voice messages, video messages, GIFs, photos, links, hand drawings, and other stuff to the user.
  • Each broadcaster will get a new profile page with lots of exciting features.

What is yet to be added?

  • The augmented reality is further being coded by the best programmers and more features will be coming up soon.
  • A few simple games will be added inside the app to entertain the users and help them earn coins.
  • Private streams feature.
  • Face to face streaming and returning to the stream after the phone calls.
  • The app will be made multilingual supporting 10-32 languages.
Over to You

Bonk Be Live has already created a lot of buzz in the industry and has come up with some of the most fabulous features that are hard to find in a single application. It further plans to add more features to the app to keep the user entertained throughout the interface. It is the app that you must give a try for once.

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