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The most interesting fitness and workout tech from CES 2019

You can build muscle with almost no equipment. All you really need is something heavy to pick up—dumbbells, barbells, a rock, or even just comically oversized buckets of protein powder with vaguely sciencey sounding names—with regularity. But while technological gadgets aren’t totally necessary for getting stronger, they can make the process simpler, more efficient, and maybe even more enjoyable. While we spent a lot of our time at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show checking out TVs and other typical gadgets, we also noticed a large assortment of fitness tech ready to get your butt off the couch and into the shape of the peach emoji.

Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

This adjustable kettlebell has weight options from 12 to 42 pounds, which is handy in and of itself since it’ll spare you from keeping a whole rack of bells in your home. Beyond the space saving, however, the kettlebell itself has sensors inside to help track the content, intensity, and duration of your workout.

Personally, I think the kettlebell is one of the best training tools you can have in your house. At $350, you’re paying a hefty premium for the connectivity in the hardware, but it may be worth it if the tracking helps keep it from taking residence as a doorstop in your house once you’re bored of the regular workouts.

Halo Sport 2

It looks like an unholy hybrid of noise-canceling headphones and a medieval torture device, but this spiky headset claims to increase your brain’s natural plasticity to help “strengthen motor pathways faster.” It does so by applying a “small electric current” to specific parts of your brain.

Withings Move ECG

Since the Apple Watch 4 added a dedicated ECG function, other manufacturers have been starting to offer similar features. The Withings Move ECG has an analog face—it’s not a screen—which gives it a battery life of up to a full year depending on your usage. When you place your fingers on specific points, however, it takes a full-on ECG and reports it to your phone, which can alert you if you need to reach out to your specialist. It also tracks normal fitness stuff like steps, speed, and even swim performance, which is cool for such an unassuming piece of wrist wear.

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