If you ever downloaded songs from unofficially, you got names ending with the name of the site and also different cover photos. To counter this problem there’s an app that can help you make your music library cleaner and better looking.

Tags on Music

Music tags contain every information about the song like album names, album image, song title, year of creation. If we need to change anything we have to modify the tags of music.



  1. Download AutoTagger app.
  2. Open the app and select the desired song [which you want to edit].
  3. Now you will have a choice to manually fill the information or let the app auto find everything by clicking magnifying glass icon. [auto recommended].
  4. Click Params then change Artist name/album name and Title, two information needed for search, change any two options and remove the tick from third one after that click search button.
  5. It will find related tags just select any one of them and then click save icon on the top.


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