oneplus upcoming 6t with in-display fingerprint sensor

The Apple iPhone 5S was launched in 2013 with a new and secure way to unlock device which became the trend in the smartphones market and it’s has been following even today in the form of Fingerprint. From 2014 every high-end or premium devices launched came with the fingerprint in-built. The first Android phone to launch with fingerprint was Samsung devices and fingerprint sensor was hidden in the back button on the front and with modifications in the market the fingerprint sensor moved to the rear side of the devices. Sony tried to create a new user experience by providing the fingerprint sensor in the power button but users were not convinced with this.


There was leaks coming from all across internet showing the live images of the OnePlus 6T prototype with Water drop notch and in-display fingerprint reader.

OnePlus confirmed about the in-display Oneplus 6t FIngerprint reader on twitter.

In-display Fingerprint

The concept of in-display or under display fingerprint was introduced by Vivo when all industry was busy in making 18:9 devices by cutting the bezels they moved the fingerprint sensor to the rear side of the smartphones but it compromises the battery life because space required to put extra hardware in the back side of the device. Vivo introduced its VIvo Apex the first complete bezel-less device with in-display fingerprint and moving camera module. This year OnePlus made it the part of upcoming OnePlus 6T. OnePlus wan’t to launch 5T with in-display fingerprint sensor but it was not able to provide these features at that time. There are couple of devices available in the devices with in-display fingerprint but these are slow, OnePlus said that Oneplus 6t fingerprints sensor unlock speed has no match with other devices.Prototype device showing in-display fingerprint sensor

How it works

In-display fingerprint works by tracing the fingerprint shape and size with the sensors available inside the screen and matching with the authorized prints. Being present under the display it doesn’t create any problem when using wet or dirty fingers. OnePlus claims to store all users fingerprints record safe in Snapdragon’s processor. With regular or consistent usage it will learn more about the fingerprints and allows users to open the device much more faster.

We got In-display Oneplus 6T fingerprint reader now lets wait for the Water drop notch confirmation.


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