Jio Indias first Telecom company to bring 4G LTE service in India at the affordable rate. It is the first company who started lowering 4G prices by following Jio other Telecom companies like Airtel and Idea also reduced their 4G rates. Users are getting 4G at the same rate of 2G  and 3G that was used by everyone in India a year ago before launching of Jio. Today’s article we provide that when you are in JIo wifi zone you have to connect WiFi manually but with the help of Jionet App you can directly connect to wifi without login.

About Jio

With Jio Telecom service Reliance also launched its 4G LTE supported cheap smartphones with the brand of LYF. These smartphones were very beneficial for the users who were having 3G smartphones and they want to use 4G service. LYF also launched LYF FI hotspot maker device that is able to provide 4G service in any 2G/3G device by providing them WiFi.

Jio Hotspot

Reliance also provided hotspot services in many places in India through which user can connect and use 4G service for free the name of the hotspot service is “Jionet“. To use Jionet WiFi firstly user need to connect to the WiFi and then the user has to perform sign-in to the network by entering his/her number and putting the OTP received on the phone number given. The Jionet is not unlimited it gives 1GB daily data limit after that the speed decreases to 13-20 kbps.

There are also many demerits of Jionet when user disconnect and reconnect to the network it asks for sign-in process again by entering the Mobile number and OTP user can sign in the Jionet WiFi but there’s an app developed by Reliance Jio the app called “Jionet“. The app has the ability to connect to sign in the Jionet WiFi automatically when the user is connected. It’s very simple one-time setup.

How to set up the Jionet app:-

  1. Download theJionet from play store.Jio app
  2. Open Jionet and Grant Permissions.
  3. There is two tabs on home page, select Mobile.Jio login screen
  4. You have to enter your mobile number in the Jio app and it sends the OTP to your mobile and then it connects automatically. Jionet Connecting Jionet connected

There is also another option and that is you can connect Jio Private Net with the help of the app and you can do the simple thing that is you can access directly. With help of the Jionet app, the thing is whenever you are in Jio net range it automatically connect with this app and you can access the net. If you don’t have any app then you have to connect again and again with the browser whenever you are in Jio range.

There is more advantage then the Disadvantage of this app-

Pros of the  Jionet app:

  • You can connect automatically with the Jionet when you are in Jio net range
  • You can’t connect manually again and again via the browser.
  • Just you have to connect one time with your Jio app then it always automatically connects.

Cons of the Jionet App:

  • Many time it says Authenticating problem.
  • Many time it says server not available.
  • At 12 am it automatic disconnect and after 12:15 it will be connected.

At last do you want to know how to increase Jio speed then click the link




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