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Since the launch of Apple iPhone X whole smartphone industry is going towards button less devices by implementing gestures on the place of soft keys or physical buttons. Some smartphones still have on-screen buttons (soft keys) but with the update the users can get the option to switch between the on-screen buttons or gestures like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo. These smartphone companies have adopted every new aspect of a bezel-less displays. Xiaomi implemented gesture controls in MIUI 10 and the gestures looks beautiful with animations from sides and bottom-middle of the screen.
If you also want to enjoy the Xiaomi like gestures on your device then Good News for you there is an application that can replicate the Xiaomi’s Gestures and it provides more functionality than the Xiaomi’s default.


Fluid Navigation Gestures is made by developer Francisco Barroso. There are two main Gestures provided by the application Quick-Swipe and Swipe & Hold. The gestures can be triggered from both left and right side of the screens and from the bottom-middle of the screen. The best thing about the triggers are that these only works on the bottom half of the screen so it makes you use other applications functionality life swapping drawer menu of Play store if you swipe from upward of middle half of the screen than drawer will work normally and from bottom of middle half the gestures will work.

You can change the buttons functionality and make it more useful in your way the actions supported by the Gestures are: Back, Home, Recent Apps, Toggle split screen, Open Notifications, Open Power Dialog, Open Quick Settings, Launch Google Search, Open keyboard selector, Voice Search, Launch any application, Launch Shortcuts. All of the gestures are free to use.

How to Install


  1. Download Fluid Navigation Gestures.Screenshot of Fluid Navigation Gestures on Playstore
  2. Open Application you will be granted with the message to GRANT the permission to Display over other apps, Click GRANT.Welcome Screen
  3. It will take you to the Accessibility Settings. Find “Fluid Navigation Gestures” and turn on.Accessibility Settings
  4. Now go back to Application and Tick the Enable button. (The gestures will start working)Turn on enable to use gestures on any android
  5. If you device has the on-screen buttons. In the application there is setting to turn that off click SEE PC INSTRUCTIONS to see the detailed instructions.
  6. Scroll down and here you will find the actions supported by the Gestures and you can also customize them with your comfort.Actions supported by Gesture navigation

Final Thoughts

Fluid Navigation Gesture provides gestures with a unique stretchy animation and a lot of actions. So if you are one of the person who really want seamless Gesture functionality on your device and never have to bother with the physical buttons any more than it is for you. It can be used on Damaged Physical Button devices as well.

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