Hey readers, being a human, we do forget things to a small extent.  Some of us tend to forget things a lot. Many of us might have faced the situation of forgetting important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, journeys and plans like meetings, client calls, movies etc. There’s a new option for you people called Google Tasks.

Google has launched this new app recently called Google Task, saying that this app would deal with important to-dos of the users. This app allows synchronizing across all the devices used by a user on a mail ID. This also allows the user to manage tasks created in Gmail or calendar on the web from a mobile.

Google Task has a decent UI. It’s all about adding tasks and subtasks to a task if any. There are checkboxes provided preceding to every task’s name. Once you’re done with the task, tap on the checkbox provided to shift that task into the list of completed tasks and a task can again be added to the list of pending tasks by tapping the checkbox again.

There is an option of creating lists in this app. By default, when using this app for the first time, all the tasks are added to a list called My Tasks. To create a custom list the user must tap on the menu icon provided at the bottom left area on the screen and the option of creating a new list can be seen here. Sorting of tasks can be done too. Tap on the menu given in the bottom left for sorting the tasks. Manual sort also can be done by long tapping on a task and then move.

The option of migrating tasks into another list is also available. This can be done by tapping on task and then a drop-down can be seen on the screen above the task name. That drop-down shows the present list in which the task is present. Changing the list can be done by tapping on the drop-down and selecting the list to which the task has to be moved.

Drawbacks :

I’ve used this app for a day and I’ve found this app helpful but needs improvements. The only way user is reminded of the task is app sends notifications. There is no alarm or any other way to remind the user. The most important thing is user c should type the time that he/she has to do the task. NO inbuilt feature is available which opens the clock to set the time.

If you save a task for today, you get a notification as soon as the task is saved. This is really annoying when I want to get reminded of a task in the other part of today.  This app reminds me of the moment I save my task.

Advantages :

The thing that differs this app from the remainders of Calendar and Gmail is, this app helps you to see all your tasks at a place.

Another Advantage of Google Tasks is that you can see your tasks from your pc which mean your tasks are synchronized with your Google Account so, you can directly access from there.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

For Android app, Click here.

Conclusion :

This app looks like it has just arrived from the vintage time. This app needs a lot of improvements to compete its biggest rivals Todoist and In order to stay at the top of the list of event-managing apps, this app has to be improved. Looks like Google Tasks has a long way to go.

That’s all for this post. Stay tuned for latest updates.


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