Gcam for Poco F1

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]We all know that Xiaomi Poco F1 launched last month and many are talking about the Camera and we the most important thing is that the comparison between Gcam or Google Camera vs Xiaomi Poco F1. Today we see Gcam for Poco F1.

Poco F1 gives you by default AI mode in stock camera and many features but the thing is they give you  inbuilt beauty mode and the worst thing is that it applied by default in camera and if you want a natural photo than you can’t off in back camera but you it can good in the Gcam because Gcam gives you natural picture with more colours.

Poco Stock camera Vs Gcam in Poco

Poco vs Gcam
Poco Stock Picture
gcam for poco
Gcam picture

In the front camera, the beauty mode is by default applied and if you want your natural selfie than you have to manual off that. If you see in Google Camera it is really good with the natural picture. The majority of people use beauty mode so it is ok with that. Another thing is Poco stock camera also use watermark if you won’t need to go to setting and off manually.

Gcam vs Stock in Low Light

In daylight mode every camera is good but if you want to test your camera use test in low light camera. Because below average camera won’t good in Low light. But if you want a battered camera in low light then go for Gcam because it uses HDR+enhance which is really good. There are 2 options HDR+ and HDR+enhance in which you can find really natural photos.

What about the Xiaomi Poco f1 stock camera, In which the use of AI mode is on and in the low light camera it can’t be good but Gcam is really battered.

Poco Day Camera vs Gcam Night camera

poco gcam night
Gcam Night approx 1AM
poco camera
poco stock cam in morning

Bugs in GCam

We see that there are many bugs we saw that in Gcam, They give us many features but many are works but some are not don’t know why but many are not worked. If we take pictures in HDR+enhance than it takes time to load the picture but the quality is awesome. If you take in low light than it takes more time to load but it gives you the better result than other cameras.

Link of the latest Gcam is which is work in my Poco F1 is

Gcam For Poco

Check another Gcam for poco

check this too Gcam for poco

Some More Images with Poco cam and Gcam

poco f2 day lightpoco daylightpoco without AI mode

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