Android O released on 21 August 2017, its available for Pixel devices and some flagship smartphones right now. Most of the smartphones in the market are running on Android 6.0 and also Android 5.0, Android N is also not so much distributed to smartphones.

In Android O Quick settings many things have changed,


  • Owner’s photo, edit button, the clock is shifted to the bottom of the Quick Setting page.
  • New animation of notifications when scrolling Quick settings up and down.
  • If there are many notifications from one app, it will be grouped.

If you have a device on which you want to get looks of Android O then follow these steps:



  1. Download and install “Material Notification Shade” app.
  2. Open the app and click Agree on Terms and Condition.
  3. Grant all the permissions to the app.
  4. Click the switch which is on the top right corner of the app. 
  5. Click on Panel Theme option and select “O.”
  6. You can change Notification Theme also, recommended: light [because Android O has white theme].


Swipe Notification bar and you will see the new Android Notification.

“Material Notification Shade” app has a lot of features like changing between three themes and changing colors of some components, Some of these features are paid with the price of $1.99. But all three themes and notification color options are free.



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