Google Analytics Assessment One Answer

Today’s article we got the answer of the first Google Analytics Assessment one answer.  So you see all answer the bold words So this is very important that In every assessment you have to get more than 80% of marks then you will be eligible for the certificate. The good news is that you can reattempt the assessment if you got less than 80%. SO, all the best for the first Google Assessment.

Make Sure that Answers in Bold words-

  1. Google Analytics can collect behavioral data from which systems?

(select all answers that apply)

 E-commerce platforms

 Mobile Applications

 Online point-of-sales systems

Systems not connected to the Internet

  1. To track website behavior data with Google Analytics, which steps will you need to complete?

(select all answers that apply)

Install Google Analytics software on your desktop

 Create an Analytics account

 Add the Analytics tracking code to each page of your site

Download the Analytics app

  1. The Analytics tracking code can collect which of the following?

(select all answers that apply)

 How many users visited a page

 Language the browser is set to

 Type of browser

User’s favorite website

 Device and operating system

  1. When will Google Analytics end a default session?

After 30 minutes, regardless of user activity on your website

Once the user opens another browser window

 When a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more or closes a browser window

At noon every day

  1. Once Google Analytics processes the data it collects, it’s stored in a database where it can’t be changed.



  1. Which of the following best represents the hierarchical structure of a Google Analytics account from top to bottom?

View > Account > Property

Property > Account > View

Account > View > Property

Account > Property > View

  1. A user with “edit” permissions at the Account level will automatically have “edit” permissions at the Property and View levels.



  1. To find your Analytics tracking code, which sequence of steps should you follow?

“Admin” tab > “Tracking Code” > “Tracking Info”

 “Admin” tab > “Tracking Info” > “Tracking Code”

“Reporting” tab > “Audience Reports” > “Tracking Code”

“Audience Reports” > “Settings” > “Tracking Code”

  1. To use Analytics to track user behavior on your website, what must you add to each page of your site?

PHP tracking code

Google Analytics account number only

 Google Analytics tracking code

A permissions button

  1. Where in the HTML of your webpage should you place Analytics tracking code?

 Just after the opening <head> tag of your website

Just before the closing </head> tag of your website

Just after the opening <footer> tag of your website

Just before the closing </footer> tag of your website

  1. New views can include website data from before the view was created.



  1. If you delete a view, account administrators can recover the view using the “trash can” function within how many days?





  1. What are the options for filtering data in Google Analytics?

Exclude data from a view

Include data in a view

Modify how data appears in your reports

 All of the above

  1. Why is it important to keep one unfiltered view when using filters with Google Analytics?

 To ensure you can always access the original data

In order to configure Goals

In order to use a filter for multiple views

There is no reason to have an unfiltered view

  1. Google Analytics filters data in the order in which the filters are set.



  1. Filters allow you to reprocess historical data from before the filter was applied.




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