Google Analytics Assessment Two Answer

This time you can find Google Analytics Assessment Two Answer. This is very easy to answer and you can find more easily and go for it. In next article will give you the Google Analytics Assessment Three Answer and that one is the last assessment to get the Google Analytics Certificate.  The thing is that the certificate expires after one year. You can also apply in LinkedIn profile to get SEO type of job. Remember you have to score at least 80% to get the certificate. In the last article, I gave Google Analytics Assessment One AnswerSo this time its second assessment.

Answers of  Google Analytics Assessment Two Answer

  1. What would you use to compare two date ranges in a report?


Hourly, Day, Week, Month views in the time graph

Real-time reports

 Date range comparison

Account selector

  1. What does the “Users” metric measure?


The total number of visits to your website

 Users that had at least one session on your site in the given date range

Users that landed on the homepage of your website

Users who have signed up to an email newsletter on your website

  1. In Google Analytics, what is the “Bounce Rate”?


The number of times unique users returned to your website in a given time period

The percentage of sessions in which a user exits from your homepage

The percentage of total site exits

 The percentage of visits when a user landed on your website and exited without any interactions

  1. In Google Analytics, what is a “dimension”?


The total amount of revenue a business has made in a given date range.

 An attribute of a data set that can be organized for better analysis.

A comparison of data between two date ranges.

A report that offers information about your audience.

  1. In Google Analytics, what is a “metric”?


A dimension that can help you analyze site performance.

The dates in your date range.

A segment of data separated out in a report for comparison.

 The numbers in a data set often paired with dimensions.

  1. In Google Analytics, what is a “secondary dimension”?


An additional widget you can add to a dashboard for more specific analysis.

An additional metric you can add to a report for more specific analysis.

 An additional dimension you can add to a report for more specific analysis.

A visualization that allows you to view understand the impact of your data.

  1. If you wish to see if report data is performing above or below the website average, which Google Analytics visualization should you choose?


Pivot view

 Comparison view

Performance view

Percentage view

  1. How do you increase the amount of data in a sampled Google Analytics report?


 Choose “Greater precision” in the sampling pulldown menu

Choose “Faster response” in the sampling pulldown menu

Apply additional filters

Remove the Secondary Dimension

  1. By selecting “Share Template Link” you can share your dashboard and your data with another user.




  1. If you share a dashboard with others, they can change the information that shows on their dashboard




Google Analytics Assessment Two Answer is another key to go for next level and if you just want the certificate then just open the video one time and then go for another one and then finally the Google Analytics Assessment Two Answer is come and just go for this answers and Bhoom!! your all answers are correct and you are in level three.

If you completed the Google Analytics Assessment Two Answer then just go for Google Analytics Assessment Three Answer.

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