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In today’s article, we talk about the google analytics and see how to use also  Google Analytics Course. Many think that what is it means and even understand that how can you certified in it. It is mainly used in tracking your users on your site and also you can say that is also used in Digital Marketing also. So It is a Google product and used to track users on your site and also customize all thing on Google Analytics. If you have a website and you want to monitor your traffic that where it came from that great thing I ever have seen. Now after the learn all about this, I suggest you go for Google Analytics Certification till this goes for this article.

In this course, you learn many things about Google Analytics in details. So if you have a website and you want to track the traffic in all form like where your traffic came from and in what type of OS they use, Countries, Platform, Gender, and all this you can track on your site. I strongly recommended this to all who have new bloggers and wants to learn more. The most exciting thing about Google Analytics is that The Google can certify you by doing Google Analytics Exam.

Google Analytics Course and Answers-

In GA you can track traffic and many things you can do. Just Go to Google Analytics for Beginners and register this course and learn about It.  Yes, I already attempted this course and Google gives me the Certificate of this course and this one for beginners and also there is Advance course just done the Basic and Go to Advance.  In beginners level the most important thing that you learn about Google Analytics Exam and you won’t able to answers then I will provide the solutions.

Google Analytics
It’s a certificate of mine of Google Analytics

Keys to Remember-

When you register for the Google Analytics then you see four chapters, and on that, In every section, there are four subchapters, and in after every episode, they give some task to see how much learn about.  I also provide the Answers to all chapters and every assessment.  That a Great thing to learn that, I first recommended that you can do with yourself then come to this answers.  This is the most exciting thing you can see, and you will enjoy. The most importing thing you have to remember too that in every Assesment you have to Score more than 80%. Don’t worry I will prove all answers to the answer.

Importance Of Google Analytics-

The Importance of the Google Analytics and Google Analytics Answer is that-

  • You can Track your traffic  from all over the world
  • You can see real-time users means that how many users are on your site right now.
  • See Bounce Rate of your site.
  • You can see where your traffic came from?

Google Analytics is one of the best traffic trackers in the world. If you want to learn more about Google Analytics Exam then just go for Certification and then implement on your website.

In next article, I will tell you the answers to all the assessment of the Google Analytics Exam and also say more about this. Till this thank you very much.

For the first Google Analytics Assessment One Answers go for this link and you will find all the answers.

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