Google is focusing on the AI-first world. In previous Google Event, Google launched its first AI-based chatbot that can perform various actions on your Phone and Google Home devices. Google Assistant is very fast developing AI in the market of technology these days it has become beaten Microsoft Cortana with its first release. Google Assistant is gettings smart day by day by improving it with the help of Machine Learning. It will learn how the user interacts with the machine and it will set it and will be ready to give a fast response whenever the user asks the same type of question or tasks to perform.

How to get Google Assistant:-

Google Assistant is only available on devices 6.0+.

If you have Android 6.0 and Assistant is not working then Download this:- Google Assistant and install.

How to use Google Assistant:-

Google Assistant launches by the long pressing home button or home icon, Hold the home button, and Google Assistant will be executed, and it will listen for the search query after hearing the question it will search and give you the answer.

Most of the features are available only in English(US) if you are not able to get these features in your devices then you have to change your device’s primary language by going into settings and then Language and Input sections.

Features available in English(US) language:-

Some extra features are only available in English(US) language like:

“Talk to ebay.”

Google Assistant will connect to ebay and give you the price for selling or buying products.

Explore feature of Google Assistant:-

On Google Assistant main screen, there is a blue button on top right corner. By clicking it, you can explore more features and power of google assistant.

And You can also create your command shortcuts from”YOUR STUFF” tab in Explore page.

Integration of Google Assistant with IFTTT:-

Google Assistant can connect with all other smart home devices with the help of IFTTT.

You have to create the ID on IFTTT and create applet “settings.”

After creating an account on IFTTT just click on the Search tab and search “Google Assistant” and click on Google Assistant card it will open List of Applets, just click on any applet and turn it on.

Google Assistant Features:

Google Assistant will get most of the things done for you; it can remind you of the meeting, any critical event. It will set the alarm for your by voice, it can tell you jokes, it can give you the quiz to solve in free time, it can remember where you have parked your car or anything which you have asked it to remember, it can send messages and WhatsApp messages or WhatsApp voice messages on command,it can play music for you,it can show photos for specific things,it helps to navigate, it can translate languages in real time, and much more.

New Male Voice Feature:-

Google just launched its new feature of changing the voice of Google Assistant. There are two ways to change the voice of the Assistant.

Goto Google apps settings then Google Assistant settings and then preference you will have the option to change.

Another way:

Just tell Google Assistant that: “Change your voice to male voice.”

Remember this new voice feature is currently working on English(US) language.

Some Awesome Google Assistant Commands:-

  • I am feeling lucky.
  • I am bored.
  • Let’s play a game.
  • Hodor.
  • Who lets the dogs out.
  • Who are you?
  • Are you human?
  • Beam me up, Scotty.
  • Repeat after me “I am Jarvis.”
  • Sing me a song.
  • Tell me riddles.
  • When am I?
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • Play Trivia.
  • Give me a random number.
  • Tell me a poem.
  • Toss a coin.
  • Show me my last messages.
  • How does a dog sound like?


Assistant not working on my device?

“Check your device version assistant will only work on Android 6.0 and up.”


I am not able to change Assistants voice to male voice?

“Change device language by going into settings then Language and Inputs”.


What actions are taken about the abusive words by Google Assistant?

“It will use censor beep instead of the abusive words”.


Google Assistant App isn’t installed in my Phone?

“Your device’s android version is not supported”.


How to turn on Google Assistant?

“By holding home button or by clicking on Google Assistant app.”





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