In Google Event 4 Oct 2017 Google launched its new series of Google home, Google home mini and Google Home Max. Google Home Mini is the mid-range smart home product with an affordable price of $49. It’s coming in 3 different colors Charcoal Black, Grey, and Red that can fit at any place in your home. Google home max came with the loudest speakers and some high price of $499, and both smart home products come with built-in Google Assitant. Pre-order is available from Today, and it’s going to launch in retail market from 19 oct 2017.

Pixel book also launched in the event; the new Pixelbook came with $999 with a unique feature of Pixel Pen with $99. The new Pixelbook can interact with the screen with the Google Pen. Storage of Pixelbook is 500GB, and with the lightest weight of 1Kg, the Pixelbook came with the built-in Google Assistant with a dedicated button for the assistant, Pixelbook also came with preinstalled Google Play Store to get the Android Apps on your laptop, and its can even open up to 360 degrees.In 360 degree if you need to interact with the screen then here comes the benefit of Pixel pen, you just have to circle the content by pressing the button on the Pixel pen, and Google Assistant will launch the search results for that thing. The Pixelbook came with background auto updates, no need to worry about updates.

Here the Pixelbook-

Easy way to Switch-

You can easily switch the data from your old phone to the brand new Google Pixel 2 with the new cable by Google. The price of this is $44.About Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Now here comes the main product Google Pixel 2, the more bezel-less display of 5 inch and many impressive features.The Pixel 2 launched with the Google Lens in which you can do a lot of things with your camera. The pixel 2 came with the argument reality built-in, where virtual items can not just show they can now interact with the surroundings, The Pixel 2 the single camera can do a lot of things that dual camera does in ordinary phones,  the OSI with EIS on video means when you take video with standard camera the shake of camera affect the video but with these feature the footage become smooth and lag-less. Pixel 2 also has a feature of Motion Photos where it takes a video of 3 sec and optimize it and makes it look awesome. In 2016 the Pixel got 89 from DXO mark mobile, and with the new Pixel 2, the rating increased to 98 the highest rank in camera in the smartphones market, the single-camera does image optimization with hardware and also with software. Pixel 2 fingerprint is still on the backside of the phone on the same natural finger placement.The Pixel 2 came with Ultra vivid display, fast charging, water resistant, quick fingerprint reader and Google Smart Assistant.
The unique features are that it comes with Pressure Sensitive Frame that can perform actions by Squeezing the phone.

Pixel 2 has the slightly high price of $649, and Pixel 2 XL $849 you can pre-order today and yes it can be available in different countries like Australia, Canada, India, Germany, UK, US. 

Let’s talk about the Features of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Pixel 2 customers have a benefit of getting Unlimited storage for Pictures and video more than iPhone.

With every the new Purchase, Google will give Google home mini free for a limited time but not in India.

DayDreams and Google Pixel Ear Buds-





In Google event, Google launched its new Daydream Vr of $99 from which you can play games in the virtual world, Google also launched the new wireless Google Pixel earbuds, that came with real-time translation, in which you can communicate with the phone and earbuds, If person in front of you talks in different language phone will get audio input and earbuds will give you translated language, and when you respond Phone will give translated output to the second person, the earbuds work 5 hours in single charge, it supports up to 40 languages including Hindi, and came with a price of $159 pre-order available now.

About Google Clips-

Google also launched its new camera that takes the amazing photos of parents and pet lovers and the camera comes with high performance, shutter button like all ordinary cameras but google included machine language into the camera that captures the movements  that matters to you the Google implemented the AI engine that detects the smile, running dogs, kids and the unique things that matter to you. The software inside the camera will improve itself with the time. On a hardware level, it is convenient it can even fit into the pocket. The camera will learn who is important to you and on privacy site, all machine learning and detection will be done offline into the device that means your stuff, photos, recordings won’t leave your device without your permission. The price of the Google camera is $249. It will be available soon in the market. Its name is Google Clips.



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