Google’s new OS that may replace old ones

It could be said that Google’s new OS will soon replace Google’s prior OS i.e. Android and Chrome OS. The name to the new and upcoming OS is given Fuchsia OS. It was kept secret by Google for some times but came into public in 2016 when the project appeared on GITHUB website.

The code revealed that Fuchsia is capable of run in universal device from embedded system to Smartphones, tablets, Computers. According to an information, Engineers have said that they are working on Home appliances like voice-controlled speaker and they will cover up this within three years as a result of this we have Google Home and Google Home mini around us that had been launched this year.

Google is working on Fuchsia OS with greater approach and it was initially believed that it will replace present OS.  In 2017 Fuchsia OS came with it new update of User Interface. Fuchsia OS is written in C, C++, Python, Dart, Go, Rust and many other Languages.

The world is furious towards AI and Machine Learning, so it could be predict that coming generation need all sort of internet things in one place that could be Fuchsia. It is free and open source software. Prior Google’s OperatingSystem are based on Linux Kernel but this Fuchsia OS is going to be  MicroKernal capability-based.

But as the law of science, nothing is certain and definite. Even if Fuchsia replace Android and Chrome Operating System, it is not going to happen for another 2 and 3 years. With the new technology, new generation and new software all are compatible to each other. The aim is for this OS to happen in the next half decade.

So, if you are conscious about new Operating System which have all the features in single software that is presently working with different software’s the be updated with Fuchsia website i.e. Basic point of Fuchsia is that Fuchsia is actually a name of flowering plant that consists mostly of shrubs or small trees. It comes under the Kingdom of Plant.

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