In recent times the Android got pretty much fast and optimized, we can get every notification/message on time because the Android gives priority to the apps to run in the background of the device so that you can’t miss any single information that is important to you but some Android apps use the priority of running in background, and they use the device’s battery without any reason to stop them we need to manually put them to sleep by clicking Force Stop button that will end all background tasks of that app but you have to put each one by one but fortunately to simplify this task an app is available in Play Store called Greenify.


Greenify works on both rooted and non-rooted device. Greenify app hibernates app by stopping its background process that will free the RAM of the device as well as it will save the device’s battery. Greenify not automate the process of Force Stop it also provides some advance feature like Aggressive doze, Wake-up Tracking and Cut-off and even some advanced features which only can be accessed by the Rooted devices.

How to use Greenify:-

Greenify is a straightforward app to use, but you should know how to configure it correctly to save the battery.

  1. Go here to download Greenify.Greenify in Play Store
  2. Open the app; you will see the welcome screen then click on NEXT button.Greenify screenshot
  3. It will ask you to choose the working method, choose according to your device choice and then click NEXT.
  4. On next screen, Greenify will ask you to grant some permissions like “Draw over other apps” and an “Accessibility setting,” allow both of the permissions and click NEXT.
  5. On next screen click “+” icon to select the apps that Greenify will stop itself.
  6. Now in this screen select the app which you think should stop when they are not in use.
  7. Now click “zzz” button and Greenify will Force Stop the apps one by one.
  8. Now in the main screen of Greenify click three dots on right top corner and select Settings.
  9. To use features like Aggressive doze and Wake-up cut-off you have to follow the steps that Greenify will give you if you are Not rooted otherwise for rooted users it will turn on just by clicking the switch.
  10. Select “Automatic hibernation” if you want those unwanted apps should stop by itself when the screen is off but for this, you will need to select Automatic lock to¬†5 seconds after sleep by going to Settings > Security, and also select “Alternative Screen Off Mode.”
  11. That’s it you will now see the difference in your battery life.

You can also hibernate System Apps but it will require donation pack that will cost you Rs.50, but this app worth purchasing the donation pack because there are some useless System apps that run in the background and drain the battery with Greenify donation pack you can stop those battery hungry apps but remember don’t hibernate clock or alarm app that can prevent the alarm from working.


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