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How To Get Ad-Free Youtube On Any Android Device

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]YouTube is the ultimate place on internet where every video is available. If you are looking for a tutorial video, entertainment, pranks, short movies, trailers, reviews, news, etc. almost everything is on YouTube. To browse YouTube in Android devices Google has developed the YouTube app. Recently they have launched a new app that is called YouTube GO which is only limited to Indian users because it works well on 2G networks. YouTube GO has the ability to download and send videos to other YouTube GO users. You can download videos / save the videos to view when offline  in original YouTube app also.

YouTube sometimes becomes headache when some up-loaders put ads in the middle or on every 10 minutes of videos. YouTube provide the restriction on the advertisement duration and number of views to be required to put the ad on any video. Every you tuber is making money using the advertisement but the users want stress free experience when looking at the videos. In past year Google introduced a new subscription service called YouTube RED which is available in limited countries and it provides background music playback, PiP (Picture in Picture) mode in devices having Android version Oreo or above, Ad-Free videos and much more, but this service is paid.

XDA developer found a way to port these services and he created a free application called YouTube Vanced.

How To Install


  1. Download and install YouTube Vanced from xda.
  2. Download and install MicroG (it will help you to sign in to YouTube Vanced with your account).
  3. Open YouTube Vanced app.
  4. Go to settings and sign in with you account.
  5. Now you have the Ad-Free YouTube with much more features then original one.

Useful Features

  • It provides swipe gestures for volume and brightness control.
  • Pure black theme.
  • Codec and Layout settings (you can show/hide info cards, remove branding watermark and much more).Youtube vanced settings
  • Continuous updates.

To secure yourself online use a VPN.

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