Run iOS Apps in android and windows is very easy process once you know how to do? Mostly operating systems normally don’t allow users to run the other application of one another into their devices. Why because the coding of each application which supports functioning on one platform only.
But there is one method through which you can run iOS apps in android. As same as for windows too. These methods are very simple and you have to download iOS emulator to help you run iOS apps on android and iOS emulator to run iOS apps in windows In this article we will fulfil your dream of using iOS apps on android and windows with appropriate emulators. How to run iOS Apps on Android and Windows? First we will see how to run iOS apps in android? And next how to run iOS apps in windows?

How to Run iOS Apps in Android?

We can use iOS Applications on android mobile by using IOS Emulator for Android. Basically, iOS emulator is software which converts iOS applications to APK applications. It’s very easy to run IOS apps on Android mobiles. You just need IOS Emulator that’s it. You can run most of the iOS applications, games, and tools for android mobiles. You will get all features of iOS applications on your android mobile. iOS Emulator is available freely.

How To Run iOS Apps in Android With Best iOS Emulator For Android

To Run iOS Apps On Android there is iPhone Emulator For Android available. You just have to install iOS emulator APK file on your android smartphone and you will be able to run iOS apps on android.


iEMU is the most preferable emulator to run all the features of iOS devices easily into android phones and tablets. You can download iEMU for free and till now any major issue has not been reported after using it. Though, your device needs to meet certain requirement to use this software. Download iEMU Apk for android

Requirements To Run iOS Apps in Android Using iEMU App:

  • Your Smartphone’s Android Version should be 2.3 or higher.
  • At least your phone should have 512 MB RAM.
  • iEMU App needs 61 MB memory fo apk files, so make sure your phone has this much free memory.

Download iEMU iOS Emulator For Android:

Follow these simple steps to download iEMU App on your android smartphone.
  • Click on this download link to download iEMU iOS Emulator for android.
  • Navigate To your Android Device Settings > Security and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to the location where the Apk file is stored.
  • Click on it to install.
Once the iEMU installation is completed, you will be able to see iEMU icon on your Android Device homescreen.
Once the installation is complete and everything is working, you can begin to enjoy the unlimited range of applications. But, this process serves multipurpose, i.e., if an app is available on both platforms through the Play store and App store runs differently on each device and you prefer using it on the iOS rather than Android, then you can use the iOS Emulator and run it on Android.
The iOS emulator for Android mimics the binary application interface of a free operating system. This leaves room for an Android device to run an unmodified iOS app. The emulator looks real while using the apps, delivering the same experience.

How To Run iOS Apps in Windows With Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Here is a simple method to run iOS apps in windows. By using the iOS emulator for windows you can use these apps in windows too. Know more about the emulator below. iPadian iPhone emulator is used to run iOS apps in windows.

iPadian iPhone Emulator
iPadian is one of best iPhone Emulator for Windows PC which you can download now. iPadian Emulator is available in two versions. One is free and another one is of 10$ by which you can run any iOS app like Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. which you cannot run in free iPadian Emulator. I strongly recommend you to buy their 10$ version as it’s totally worth every penny. For 10$ you can get premium version of iPadian Emulator which is totally ad free. But, still if you do not want to buy or don’t want to invest in the premium version of iPadian, then you can go with free version as well without any kind of issues.
Some features of iPadian Emulator for PC:
  1. Free version of iPadian Emulator can give you basic iOS feel for free.
  2. Access to customised store App Store in free version.
  3. In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store.
  4. Premium version is totally ad free.
  5. Moreover, it’s cheap also. (Premium version is available for 10$ only).
How to Install iPadian Emulator in Your Windows Computer:
To run, iPadian iPhone Emulator in your Computer, simply follow below steps.
  1. First of all, Download iPadian Emulator from below link.
  2. Double, Click on installation file which you have downloaded in above step.
  3. Follow, on screen options and Click on Next accordingly.
  4. Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator in your PC, you can follow further steps to run iOS apps in your Windows Computer.
How to run iOS Apps in Windows by iPadian Emulator:
Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator for iOS in your Windows. You will see iPadian icon on desktop.
  • Simply, do a double click on iPadian icon.
  • Now from their interface, simply click on store.
  • Download your favourite apps from there and enjoy iOS emulator on PC.




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