Huawei V10 coming with Artificial Intillengence in 2018

In Google I/O 2017, the power of A.I was introduced. Google stepped into the a.i field by launching its Google Assistant the first a.i based human-machine interaction system by Google. In IFA 2017 Chinese brand Huawei announced the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

Honor President George Zhao discussed an upcoming smartphone that will work on the power of A.I.

Well, this new smartphone is going to be the successor of Honor V9, so it’s more likely that it’s going to have Kirin processor, the Honor V9 came with Kirin 960 chipset processor, the Honor V10 would have Kirin 970 chipset processor.

The interesting thing is the phone is going to launch with the A.i. , the launch date is not known yet, but it is going to launch in early 2018. The phone is going to start selling in China before it’s going to make it in market for other parts of the world.

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