Indian Startup Which will help to get 50Mbps Internet In Any Corner Of India

We  have all Experienced – of worst Internet Connection or speed whenever we enter into a Rural area, Hilly area, Low Altitude Area, Forest Area where land base Internet Connectivity do not work. Prasad HL Bhat, an India Entrepreneur from IISc(Indian Institute of Science) also feel the same whenever he visit to meet his family. So he decided to overcome this problem. Co-founder of Astrome technologies is among few in the world that is trying to fix all that.


Neha Satak and Bhat CEO and Co-founder of Astrome Technologies

The 18-member team, lead by Neha Satak and Bhat at a lab in IISc plans to launch 200 micro-satellites into space, which will send you internet fast, available everywhere( Hilly, Rural, Forest ) as the website declare. This company is going to provide internet from space that will help to reduce cost and efforts as providing internet connectivity from ground is expensive and need high efforts to provide internet connectivity in non urban areas.

Group Picture of this project with Neha and Bhat

The number of Internet user in India is increasing day by day and India defeats US in this and become second largest user market in world after China but the service is not yet good and need a lot of work to be done on it says Neha Satak, the CEO of her Company Astrome Technologies.


This project is subjecyed to be  achieved by 2021. This will achieved in many ways. They will send their first satellite next year, and the rest by 2021.

Space picture

This project will be life changing for Indian internet user from remote areas as well as for world also. Some of it’s features in summarized way :

. It will provide high Internet speed in remote areas .

. It will be less expensive as it will be operate from Space.

. It will help in development of our country as Internet is now became the backbone of development and development of remote areas is really needed.

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