Kali linux wallpapers

Kali Linux HD Wallpapers

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Linux OS is famous for being free and Open-Source which means users can install Linux for free or they can build their own flavor of OS by modifying the codes. Linux also supports a variety of software that is used to perform advance tasks. New version of the Linux uses GNOME for User Interface which is far more user friendly than the Command based versions of the Linux.

As the technology evolved OS like Windows 10 started taking a lot of memory and storage to run. The old computers are unable to provide these requirements to the OS and they are left as useless machines. But Linux and Unix OS can support the devices even with the RAM of 256MB.

Updates are the main reason to use Linux, Microsoft pushes the updates when its fully ready after 3-4 months of testing but in Linux provide updates frequently so that bugs will be removed faster.

Linux comes in variety of distributions like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Fedora, Kubuntu, Void Linux, KaOs. There are a lot of choices for everyone to choose.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is famous for penetration testing and hacking. It is most widely used by the the intelligence bureau and the white hat hackers to find vulnerability in the website and to find security flaws in database. It’s one of the most and best secured OS’es around. From devices/files up to programs, access mechanisms, secure messaging, you name it.

Unix was written with the idea that multiple people would be using the computer simultaneously. Multi-user, multi-tasking was available from the beginning .

Kali Linux contains all kind of the software used for hacking or  information gathering. The new version of Kali Linux comes with the variety of HD wallpapers inbuilt.

Kali Linux Wallpapers

You can easily download these wallpapers by clicking the download button below.


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