The Stock Pixel launcher released with the Google Pixel last year. Google included a new launcher other than the previous Google Now Launcher. The new Pixel Launcher was very much different than the Google Now Launcher. Google said that the some of the Pixel Launcher features will remain exclusive to the Google Pixel Phones only but with the Lawnchair launcher you will be able to use those features and you also will be able to do much more like adaptive icons, changing layout grid for the home screen and app drawer. The new Pixel launcher includes some new features like the search box in the dock.

What is Lawnchair Launcher:-

In an attempt to create the Google Now Feeds to include into the third party launcher without root developer Deletescape created a new launcher named “Lawnchair Launcher.” Lawnchair Launcher is free and open source software so that anyone can edit the launcher.

Lawnchair Launcher based on Launcher3 from AOSP and Lawnchair Launcher also provides Android Oreo features like: Notification dots (whenever there is a notification regarding any app a dot will be visible on the top of that app’s icon.)


  • Android O like app shortcuts.
  • Google Now Integration with Lawn-feed app.
  • Icon Pack support.
  • Variable icons.
  • Custom Dock Sizes.
  • Dock Customization.
  • Adaptive icons only for Android 7.0+.
  • Blur mode.
  • Pixel-like the search box in the dock.
  • Spring effect in the app drawer.

How To Download:

You can download Lawnchair launcher from the Play Store directly by searching or by going here. If you download Lawnchair Launcher from play store then you have to download Lawn-Feed apk form this link.


You can download the latest release of Lawnchair launcher by going to the GitHub site: here.



  • In Lawnchair Launcher all Pixel launcher stuff are provided.
  •  Android O like Notification dots and app, shortcuts are also available.
  • It is Highly customizable you can change app labels, hide apps, gesture support and much more.
  • Lawnchair Launcher works without root.


  • To use Google Now Feed you need to download the separate Lawn-Feed app.
  • Lawnchair Launcher sometimes hides the search bar itself I think that’s a bug.
  • The Lawnchair Launcher sometimes lags it needs to be force stopped to make it fully functional.

Final Words:

On conclusion the Lawnchair Launcher is a great launcher having that much amount of features in a small size, the development of Lawnchair launcher is still going on which means its features are increasing day by day. If you want to install a new launcher than you must try the Lawnchair launcher.


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