Lenovo Z5 Pro with no notch

Lenovo Z5 Pro Leaks Again With Proof

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Some months ago we saw that Lenovo Z5 Pro’s with Blezl-less display leaks and but this time they viral a photo with the company’s  Liu Jan and Chang Cheng has already teased the Lenovo Z5 Pro on Weibo (GSMArena), showing a phone with bezel-less with slider mechanism but with no notch on the top.

Oppo also comes with a new top slider phone with any notch that is looking great.  The phone is called Oppo Find X and look same as the Lenovo Z5 Pro. They already launched in the market with a totally new edition called Lamborghini edition which is really good.

We can talk about Lenovo Z5 Pro many news leaks about a month ago that the new Lenovo’s phones with a bezel-less phone and they really nailed it this time but after the Oppo Find X. This the company’s person within a photo and holding a new flagship phone.

According to the GSMArena, they come with a Small video in which the phone’s camera is popping up and there are camera, sensor and flashlight with the better low-light camera which is looking too good. The Design like an Oppo Find X that’s the real problem. Another feature of the phone is that as the new phones launch they also give the fingerprint sensor in the display.

As the video shows, we see the only front side of them but they not showing the back. The phone looks slightly thicker chin and through. Is the camera creating a problem like time to open that and many? Because of Vivo Nex have the same problem so but we think that they will resolve in that.

The latest teaser of Lenovo Z5 Pro shows that they will show off the device on China’s National Day (October 1). So you wants to know about more this phone so you have to wait till 1 October.

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