Lenovo Z5 is the world’s first full screen smartphone

Hey readers, the dreams of using a truly bezel-less smartphone are going to be true very soon. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Earlier this week Lenovo‘s Vice President Chang Cheng made posted a sketch of Lenovo Z5 on a Chinese microblogging website Weibo. Chang Cheng posting this sketch, has brought a surprise to the phone lovers. The sketch reveals nothing about the specs of the phone but confirms the name of the phone. The sketch says Lenovo Z5 is the name on which the phone is coming to the market.

The sketch of Lenovo Z5

Specifications :

As said earlier, the sketch says nothing except the name of the phone. But, as per some reports, this phone has on screen fingerprint sensor, in screen earpiece. Coming to the most interesting part, this phone may come with a pop-up front camera. The sketch shows this flagship phone of Lenovo will offer the screen to body ratio of more than95 percent.

Posts from Chang Cheng :

Days before the sketch got released Chang Cheng posted a post on Weibo regarding the flagship declaration.

Chang Cheng

5月8日 12:16 from Lenovo smart terminal
# The new national flagship declaration #

(a) about what is the real overall screen 
A. screen accounted for 80% -84% 
B. screen accounted for 85% -89% 
C. screen accounted for 90% -94% 
D.xx sum 95% of the 
technical breakthroughs in screen/screen and proactive/antenna air-to-air challenges are 95%. Tell me about your most favourite which [ha ha]
we just dry your life, refuses to accept to fight @ millet phone“, read the post one. In addition to the text, a pic was attached to it. The pic is assumed to be the picture of Lenovo Z5.
Pic attached to the first post of Chang Cheng
In addition to the hype that the above post created, the second post created a lot of buzz on the internet. Not only buzz but also tremors in the smartphone market. Chang Cheng also stated that the company achieved four technological breakthroughs and also 18 patented techs through Lenovo Z5.
Chang Cheng  
5月11日 06:04 from Lenovo smart terminal
# The new national flagship declaration # 
Four technological breakthroughs The 
18 patented technologies 
are only a simple assumption: Synthetic Aperture? Everything from trust 
everything to time 
Hello Lenovo Z5[ha ha]“, read the post two.
The second post of Chang Cheng on Weibo
Comparatively, the only phone that comes close to Lenovo Z5‘s assumed body-screen ratio is VIVO APEX. Vivo Apex provides a body-screen ratio of 91 percent. Vivo has made this phone available in China as of now.

Conclusion :

This phone looks too advanced in terms of technology. Chang Cheng’s posts make that statement much more assertive. Though, the vice president of Lenovo didn’t make anything clear about Lenovo Z5, as per the reports this phone is expected to be available from June 14. Let’s wait and see if Lenovo Z5 can change the gear of company’s movement in the top sellers’ list.


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