Mi Band 3 which was launched on 27 September in India contains a lot of features including Notification, alarms and Call alert/reject. Mi Band 3 is the cheapest fitness tracker by Xiaomi. Being a tech company Xiaomi put lots of effort to make the band usable in many ways. For fitness enthusiasts Mi gave Steps counter, Calories burned, Sleep tracking, Heart rate tracker (it measures Beats Per Minutes), Stop watch and for a regular user the band is able to Reject incoming calls, Read phones notification on band itself, 3 different clock faces, Event reminder, vibrating alarm.Mi band 3 charging

Customers have always criticise Xiaomi for the battery life. Implementation of the hardware always takes room in Xiaomi devices which results in less battery size. Mi A1 and Mi A2 contains battery of 3000 mAh and Note 5 Pro, Pocophone F1 has battery of 4000 mAh which was a boost from Xiaomi in their new devices.

Mi band 3 has the battery of 110 mAh and Xiaomi claims that the battery will exhaust in 20 days but don’t fall for it. If you are using the band only for step counter then maybe you can archive the 20 days milestone. In our test we found that if you use heart rate sensor, Exercise mode your battery will last only for 5-8 days, we have used the Exercise mode only 2 times and we got 8 days of battery life but if you use it everyday it is going to eat all the juice from the device.Mi band 3 battery life

As you can see from the above screenshot we set have one alarm and call notification turned on. These settings also takes the battery juice so if you really want to use the battery as mentioned by Xiaomi then you have to use only step counter.

Mi band 3 featuresThe battery is great this price point but if you are expecting it to run half of the month, you are going to disappoint with the band. The overall performance of the band are amazing. Stay tuned for the review of the band after a week of usage.

Mi Band 3 – Review After Weeks Of Usage

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