Mi band 3

Mi Band 3 – Review After Weeks Of Usage

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Xiaomi is the leading brand of smartphones and technology in India. Xiaomi released its new products on 27 September which includes Mi Air purifier, Mi Home Camera, new Mi TV and Mi Band 3. Mi TV have the features like Smart TV but in cheap prices, like the company is doing with its smartphones. Mi Band 3 was also launched on 27 September and it was a huge upgrade for Mi Band 2 users.

Mi Band 3 was launched in 3 different color variants Red, Dark Blue and Black. Mi band 3 has all the features of premium fitness trackers like Step counter, Exercise mode, Sleep tracker and Heart rate. This year Mi included some new features in the Mi Band like direct notifications in the band itself, O-LED screen and touch screen. Using Mi Band is very easy, just download the Mi Fit application from the Play Store and pair your band with your device and you are good to go.

Build Quality

Hardware of mi band3The glass of the Band’s capsule is gorilla glass so there is nothing to get worry about the cracking. The straps are made of thermoplastic elastomer material which is very light material and not gets dirty easily. Mi Band 3 is also very water-proof up to 50 meters. The capsule is very much secured in the strap because of the new design which is a demerit for the Mi band 2 users because you can no longer use the straps of the Mi band 2 on Mi Band 3.


mi band 3 in sunlightTouch is also very responsive even with wet and dirty hands, it cannot be triggered with the clothes. In band the brightness is very low as compared to the other trackers, if you want to read the notifications or time in the sunlight then it is very hard to see.


Mi band 3 featuresThe user interface of the Mi Band 3 is very refreshing just swap to go into different settings and tap and hold the home button to use that option. The band provides 3 type of watch interface just go into more and swipe left to see the Screen option and tap and hold the home button to change the main screen.


As claimed by the company Mi band 3 will last 20 days on single charge. Th Battery is of 110 mAh and it takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. In our usage the Band lasted 8 days and discharged completely. We also tried only using the basic features like steps counter and manual heart rate and manual waking and in this test battery performed better now in  8 days only 35% discharged. The battery life depends on the usage of the features.

Wrapping up

The overall look and the features of the band is unique in itself. If you have already used Mi Band 1 or Mi Band 2 then you should go for the Mi Band 3 without any hesitation. If you are someone who never used fitness tracker than you should go for the  Mi Band 3 it is the best in its price range.

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