Microsoft started focusing on Android again, in 2017 it launched its Android Smartphones and now it’s coming in the market with its Android applications.

Microsoft launched its Arrow launcher for Android Platform years ago. Microsoft Arrow launcher just updated and it is renamed to Microsoft launcher. But this new update is only for beta testers so if you are not a beta tester go to and sign up yourself to get beta updates.

What’s New:-

  • Updated Feed section.
  • Options for themes.
  • Got custom icon support.
  • Android 7.1 app shortcuts support
  • Option to share images to the PC instantly.
  • Universal Search bar to search files/browser search/contacts.
  • Gesture Support.



Features In Depth:-


In customization section, the first option is to change the Themes for the launcher in which you have the option to change the background color and accent color of the launcher and feed screen.

  • Customize app icons and layout in which users have the option to change icon size, icon pack, and Grid dimension.
  • Hide app/folder name, after activating this option name of each icon and folder will be hidden from the app drawer.
  • Vertical scrolling, after activating it the user can scroll up and down to see his/her apps and widgets.
  • Option to keep page header, deactivating it will hide the header from the app drawer.
  • Option to Keep status bar, deactivating it will hide the status bar of the android when you are in the launcher.
  • Notification badges, it will show the notification with a small icon on the top of the app if a new notification comes in that app.
  • Lock Home screens, turning this in will prevent any modifications from the desktop.
  • Hidden apps, through which you have the option to hide the apps which you don’t want to show in the app drawer.
  • High-performance mode, turning this on will remove all animations from the launcher.
  • Suggested apps, it will show advertisement of apps in app drawer.


In Feed section user have options to customize the feed screen according to his/her preference.

  • Recent settings, choose what you want to see in recent activities.
  • Todo list, the user can add reminders in this section.
  • News interests, the user can modify news according to his like and launcher will show that type of news in feed screen.
  • News market, the user can select the language of news.
  • Set default SMS messaging app, the user has an option to change the SMS app that he/she prefers.
  • Set default Dialer app, option to select dialer app.
  • Tap Avatar to call back, activating it will give the power to the app to call the person when the user clicks the avatar of the person in feed screen.
  • Show text message preview, On android 7.1 shortcuts it will show the preview of messages.


In Gesture section, the user can add apps, shortcuts or tasks to perform when user will use same Gesture in the launcher like double tapping on the desktop to turn off screen.

Gestures Available:-

  • Swipe up on Dock.
  • Two fingers swipe up.
  • Two fingers swipe down.
  • Double tap.
  • Pinch in.
  • Pinch out.


In search section, user has the option to modify what search results will come if he/she uses the universal search box of Microsoft launcher.

Options in Search section:-

  • Search engine.
  • Search country.
  • Default browser.
  • Copy to Clipboard.
  • Always show search bar.
  • Search result filters.
  • Turn on search history.
  • Delete search history.

General Settings:-

In General settings of the launcher, the user has the option to choose Language, Clock format and Restarting Microsoft launcher.

This launcher also gives IOS like Control Center when swiping the dock upwards.


I didn’t signed for beta testing can i still use download this app?

Yes you can but you have to download the app from any website but you will not get any update of beta testers from plastore you have to updates manually.


Downlaoded the launcher but  how to select it as a default launcher?

After downloading go through setup of the launcher and when you press home button Android will ask you to select default launcher then select Microsoft launcher and click Always use.





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