MIUI 9.5 Arrives for Xiaomi Redmi 4

Xiaomi Redmi 4 got new update called MIUI 9.5 and this time they updated many things, but there is no update for Android. Earlier there was an update for Android called Nougat with 1.2GB, and there was also an update for MIUI. When they came with the first update, there were a lot of bugs which I found in the mobile, sometimes with the music player and sometimes with the fingerprint. I mean to say that sometimes when I try to open the phone, it takes time to unlock, and sometimes it’s not opening, and sometimes though it opens, there is an issue with the Applock.

So, this one, some details about the update and bugs. This is the best smartphone available in this price range and until now, there is no competitor to this mobile in this price range as this phone provides features like camera, fingerprint, memory, RAM etc at low cost. Though this features can be found in many other smartphones but the price is higher when compared to Xiaomi Redmi 4.

So, the main features or we can say its pros of Xiaomi Redmi 4 are- 2/4GB of RAM and 32/64 GB of internal Storage which is really very good. Coming to the battery life which I like the most, a battery of size 4000mAh provides life which works all day quickly, and it is perfect when compared to others. It has only 5-inch HD screen, so it does not take much battery life.

There are some cons too, it only has HD screen, Poor camera Quality, and when the hotspot is on for a long time it is hot but not that much, but which drains the battery that is ok.

Now comes to the update part which changes do in the Xiaomi Redmi 4. In MIUI 9.2, there is some issue in the Notification bar, and it’s disturbing. I Mean to say in other smartphones there is a notification when any conversation is where it can merge but in that, we see that different conversation. But in 9.5 it is solved, and the new feature added is that, you can directly reply a chat from the notification bar itself. On every messaging app, you can reply directly from the notification bar, but not in the lock screen. Nothing new in the UI. I’ve share some screenshots, so you will know what types of changes are made. The new update hasn’t brought up many changes, but the bugs are fixed. This time Xiaomi gave MI App store and a video player. There is another feature called Split Screen in Xiaomi Redmi 4. Using Split screen, you can run two different apps at same time. To do that go to recent apps and you can find a split icon on the top left side. Tap on it and this is how Split screen feature works.



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