Starting with iPhone all other companies started the trend of ditching the navigation buttons on their devices and all of these are getting replaced with the Gestures. As announced by the Apple 3 gestures that are included are Home, Back and Recent. OnePlus, Xiaomi devices have adopted the new trend.

Google is also bringing same but different type of gestures to its Upcoming version of the Android i.e. Android P. As seen in Developer Previews the Android P doesn’t have stock android like solid navigation buttons they have replaced with the pill that can be swiped to use the different gestures provided by the Google.

How to get these Gestures in your device:


Welcome Screen

  • Grant the Accessibility Services.

Accessibility Permission


  • It will ask for WRITE SECURE SETTINGS PERMISSION if your device has no on screen button then move forward and skip some steps and goto the Apps Main Screen. But if your device has Software on screen button then follow.

Secure Settings Permission

  • Go here and install adb drivers in your PC.
  • Then connect your phone with usb and goto start menu and type “cmd” without quotes.

Mediacmd on pc

  1. Command Prompt will open.
  2. Type:

adb shell pm grant com.xda.nobar android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  • cmd command  Press Enter it will grant the permission to the app.
  • In App Main Screen you will have two options

App main screen

  • Enable Gesture Pill
  • Hide Navigation Bar
  • Select Enable Gesture Pill and if your device has software buttons then click Hide Navigation Bar also.
  •  Goto settings on top right corner, there you can see Gestures Option.
  • Inside Gestures there is an option for Split Pill  enabling this will provide the gestures like OnePlus on your device.

App Settings

Play around with these settings and choose what fits best for you.

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