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Argentina was well known for its internet freedom in past time when the reporters are free to share their view freely online they were also known as reporters without borders, but in recent years their House of Representatives started a debate to reform the bill that was created in 1988 and known as the National Anti-Discrimination Act. National Anti-Discrimination Act played a massive role in censorship on Argentina’s network because it allows the government to take control over the Internet by regulating ISP’s and other contacts to remove the content available online that is deemed offensive or discriminatory. Posting any discriminatory content can lead a person to be behind bars. Argentina is also famous for its TV shows and movies, but most of them are geo-restricted. If you want to access those contents from outside Argentina all you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Proxy connection.

NordVPN is a VPN that can help to use the internet freely in Argentina with its security and speed.


NordVPN provides military based encryption AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys, the same level of security is used by U.S. government to protect their classified contents. NordVPN uses protocols like IKEv2/IPsec the most secure protocol today which cannot be cracked even by strongest computers for that it is most recommended VPN to be used.It also uses OpenVPN that is sophisticated and open-source software that provides online security, reliability and fastest VPN experience.OpenVPN supports a high number of strong encryption algorithms and ciphers to protect the sensitive data.

Being best in security the NordVpn is also very easy to use just Download the NordVPN from here and with few clicks you will be connected to the secure servers. On clicking the connect button and it will select server according to the speed available on your network to give you a better connection, but you can also switch to servers by selecting the servers on the servers tabs. NordVPN also features an option that is called SmartPlay that will help you to enjoy 400 online streaming easily. In the settings menu you will find options for customizations, for example, you can select the service to auto-start, auto-connect to the server of your choice and in settings you can even change the ports from TCP to UDP for the OpenVPN protocols. There is an option to enable months obfuscated servers this the will help to use the services in countries where VPN use is limited. With the NordVPN the security can be doubled because it uses Double VPN that encrypts the encrypted data that means that 2-layer of security that becomes very hard to crack it gives benefit to be anonymous on the internet. This service is also logless means the servers are not storing any pieces of information that are being transferred from your device to the servers, and with Nord, you can use the service on six different devices at same time. There is also a feature of DNS leak protection that prevents private data from being leaked. The customer care service is also high-speed and functional you can easily find the solution for your problem while using the service. For more best free VPN check link

If you want to know how to setup go here and for direct contact with the Customer care service goes here.

There are a lot of servers available for NordVPN 1181 servers in America, 1277 servers in Europe, 240 servers in the Asia Pacific, 30 servers in Africa, the Middle East, and India. Check reliable servers for Argentina.



The subscriptions plans for the service is also not so much expensive three subscription plans come at affordable rates.

Monthly Plan/Simple:- Its a one-month plan with the price of $11.95/m. You will be billed $11.95 every month to use Unlimited bandwidth connection.

Annual Plan/.Standard:- The annual plan costs $143.40 for 12 months but it is on SALE right now you can avail it with $5.75 per month means $69 for 12 months.

Two-Year Plan:- The two year of subscription it costs $286.80, but it is also on SALE in which you can to only pay $3.29 per month that gives the total of $79 for 24 months.

All these Subscription Plans comes with guaranteed 30-day money-back.

You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin and some other payment methods.


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