Nova launcher v5.5

Nova launcher is home launcher replacement it is the best launcher in the play store with lots of customizations you can change almost anything of the launcher including scroll behaviors to the number of apps to be shown in the drawer, home screen and also in dock menu. Nova launcher is also lightweight and fastest launcher as compared to other launchers. It has two versions available in the play store Nova launcher and Nova launcher prime. Nova launcher is free, but nova launcher prime is paid, Nova launcher prime contains the ability to add gestures, notification badges, hiding app from the drawer. You can choose between Nova and Nova prime it’s your choice whether you want those extra features or not. This time the new version of Nova is came called Nova launcher v5.5.


Nova launcher v5.5 got another update, and this update is the big one. In this version, the Nova launcher receives some taste of Android 8.1, it has Android 8.1 like app shortcuts, the search box in the dock, and it also got Android Adaptive icon support all these features are also highly customizable.

Nova Popupmenu screenshot Nova Adaptive icon screenshot Nova search in dock screenshot

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Adaptive icons for Android 5.0+
Intelligently reshape legacy icons to adaptive
Android 8.1 style popup menu (Look Feel – Popup menu – Block)
Searchbar in dock
Replace searchbar in dock with any widget (Long-press –
Optimizations and bug fixes

Nova launcher introduced Sesame shortcuts a while ago that has the ability to give Android 7 like app shortcuts.

This time Nova launcher included the search menu under the dock menu which gives the look of Pixel 2 device. The new search box can be replaced with any widget by simply long-pressing on the search box and clicking replace. After a long wait, the TeslaCoil finally added the looks of Android 8.1 in their app shortcuts. Adaptive icons are now available even for Android lollipop with the help of Nova Launcher, with adaptive icons apps that are not adaptive can also be able to reshape in adaptive look.

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  1. Nova Launcher is really a great android launcher. I am using it on my android phone and it has been working great. Thanks for sharing this update, it was very informative.

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