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Today we see and find that many documents come in word files and many we know in pdf files, and most of the time the problem that I face is that we go stationary and ask for print an image. So they said, please come with pdf file or document file, Do you know why they said this thing no? Now, The problem is that when we save the data in the “.jpg” formate or “.png” format we find that the size is not proper for the page that we want to print so if the file is in “.pdf” format or “.docs” then its easy to print on the paper with right size. So, you all think that why I tell this to you all right? The reason is that in today’s article I share some details about the formate changer or you can say converter means to say that we can convert the file from one format to another.

There is an application for android as well as iPhone for converting any format from another, e.g. If you want to save some pdf file to word file or some word file to the pdf or excel or text file then you easily convert via a simple app that’s called PDF to Word Converter. With the help of the app, you can easily convert the files. But the thing is if you want to save all files to another all file then you have to purchase the application form google play store or iPhone store. But for some conversion, it’s free.


Yes! I use the app and find very helpful and have a premium account of this, so I’m able to convert all extension to another. It took very less memory size and also a user-friendly for all. When I use the app, it’s beneficial to convert some data that I can’t do with other apps or via PC. You don’t even need pc to do all these things. Just select the file from the phone and then select the extension which to want to convert and it takes some seconds to turn, and your data is converted that much simple as that. I use Android OS, and It gives many options to do any tasks that you simply and I tell you the steps you can use the app.

Steps to use PDF to Word-

  • After Installing open the application just open that (first tell you for Premium account) you can find right downside a plus icon click on that and there is three option One is for “Scan a document” means open the camera and scan the document at that time, the second one is “Files on this device ”  find the files which you want to scan from your mobile, and the last one is “Dropbox, Drive, Onedrive and more” you can drectly download the document from the drive or one drive, etc.


  • Same as you find some icons on right top side that first for direct select form mobile and second means direct select from recent files and last one is for goto settings. It comes with all the files in your mobile.

  • When you select an image, then it asks that in which format you want to convert to PDF or in Word just choose and wait for seconds and your file is done.
  • If you select a Word file, then there is only one option that is PDF.

  • If you select the PDF file then there are many options like “PDF to Word”, “PDF to Exel”, “PDF to PowerPint”,  “PDFto Image”, “PDF to AutoCad”, and “PDF to Text”.

  • After converting the files, it looks like this some changes formatted.

So by this steps, you can just use the PDF to Word Converter and convert the file in any format.  And if simple. If you don’t have any premium, the condition is that when you select the file to convert then you have to wait for select the file and after conversion, you have to again wait for half to one hour to see that file and convert another file.  That is the disadvantage of the standard version, and in the premium version, you don’t have to wait for anything.


If you have an Android phone the price of the app is Rs 230, and for business Extension, the price is Rs 790, and this is for the lifetime. The application is worth when you buy a business, or you have much work for documents then you can buy.

If you have iPhone then the price is too high for Lifetime of Immediate Conversions $ 9.99 (approx Rs 637)Linked Services Feature $1.99 (approx Rs 127), Business Extension $49.99 (approx Rs 3188). It is too expensive for the iPhone user, but you can buy Linked Service that is worth you.

Final Words-

The last words are that when I use the app is premium then it’s beneficial for me because I have many pdf so that what is converted to words and edit that. When I use as the normal, it’s very slow and waits for to be converted. As I told you earlier, it is worth for only who have much work on this type of documents. For me, the PDF to Word Converter is the best one.

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