Hydrogen One – Phone with Holographic dispaly

In July this year, The Company RED announced their upcoming smartphone the Hydrogen One, the first smartphone to come with the Holographic display. RED didn’t disclose about what technology they are going to use, but now it’s revealed.


The company RED is well known for their video camera and now they took their step in the smartphone market they also announced their partnership with the new startup Leia inc.  this company claims that they are the leading provider of holographic display in smartphones.


This technology works through diffraction, producing a light-field illumination with a layer of nanostructures added to a conventional LCD. Leia inc. claims this “diffractive light-field backlighting” layer doesn’t compromise with the display’s quality, battery consumption, or thickness for non-holographic use.

The idea behind the technology is the user is able to view the object from different angles from their physical position.



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