After a week of use Nougat, I found many bugs on Lenovo ZUI 2.5.104 and many users also say in India. They talk about their problem and the same I also face it but some more. The Problems are with Lenovo Zuk Z2 with ZUI 2.5.104 –

  •  Automatically Bluetooth On – When I on flight mode and again off the Bluetooth automatically on but I don’t know why.
  • The main problem for me is Charging issue When I charge it, it turn sound but not on notification light and not charge then reboot this 4-5 times and sometimes it work.
  • Hang Problem, Sometimes it works fine but sometimes it’s very slow and freezes.
  • Yesterday facing a new problem when I using it on screen many lines are there and then its freeze, then I press home button for while then it restarts.
That update comes some day ago 996MB, before that this problem I don’t face. But some good things also there and newly features added in ZUI 2.5.104 like spit screen, screen record, and night mode.
Battery power is increased a little bit.
Some new features added in Camera that is a manual mode for both front and rear camera, and also available for Gesture Launch. Zuk 2’s camera is decent but not perfect but the processor is good.
Some pictures of Lenovo Zuk Z2


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