[Reward Mi] Play & Win MI Tokens 15th to 21st June on Mi.com

We see many times on mi.com that they launch many events and games to win coupons and by this, you can purchase items by applying this. This time new Game you can play and win tokens and by those tokens, you can purchase coupons and then applying the products.

  • First, you can enter mi.com or Mi store than login your account after that click #Reward Mi and you can enter in the Game and you get 50 tokens.
  • Now you can enter in the game you get 3 chance to play and then you get the tokens after 3 chance you can share on Twitter and get again chance. you can read guidelines and play.
  • when you have 2500 tokens then you buy Rs 100 coupon, 3500 tokens than Rs 200 coupon, 4500 tokens than Rs 300 coupon, 6000 tokens than Rs 500 coupon, 10000 tokens than Rs 1,000 coupon. 
  • You can also convert the tokens into F-code.
So you Play more and win more tokens. It is just limited period 15th June to 21st June.
For More information, you can visit Mi.com.

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