Run Windows 95 On Windows 10

Today more than 60% laptop or desktops are running on Windows 10. Windows is being used as the Operating System since 1985, because of its Interface which is very simple and interactive, anyone can learn the basic use of computer with Windows.

Windows 95

Windows 95 was released in 1995 and it was the first Operating System by Microsoft that used a lot of visuals. It take almost 4MB of RAM to work on any machine. But the sad part is that it’s now extinct nearly 0.0% devices run Windows 95 today. If you are one of those who miss the Windows 95 or you want to try Windows 95 here is a good news for you.

The developer of Slack Felix Reiseberg shared an project on GitHub which is capable of running full Windows 95 on Windows 10 as a application. The Size of the application is 128 MB and it takes about 200-400MB to run on your device.

The Application named as Electron and it is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

How to install


  1. First of all download the executable file of Windows95.
  2. After download just open it as a normal application, it will take 10 seconds to install.Main Screen Of Windows 95 application
  3. Click the button in the middle to start Windows 95 interface.Windows 95 desktop

That’s it now you have complete Windows 95 running in your pc


You can play legendary Minesweeper game in this Application, you just have to goto Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Games

All programs



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