How to download torrent in the idm or browser

SEEDR – Download Torrent From Browser

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Torrent is a file extension that ends with .torrent and it can be opened by the software’s like uTorrent and BitTorrent. Torrent uses the peer-to-peer (Peers: Peers can be anyone who has a part of data, downloading as well as uploading the data) , which means the file is not downloading at once you are just downloading a part from one fellow downloader and next part will be downloaded from next to downloader. Torrents comes handy if anyone wants to download any restricted content.

Downloading torrent is a hassle task, you need an torrent manager which downloads the torrent by throttling the  downloading speed. If your internet provides you download speed of 1 Mbps on regular download then torrent will give you only 200-400 kbps. It is because of the connections of the peers, downloading many files from many different locations leads to the loss of speed.


Seedr is a website that collects and seeds all data of the torrent to its server and provides you the direct download link to download the file using your regular download manager (i personally use Internet Download Manager) .

Seedr provides 2 concurrent connections on free account that increases the download speed. Seedr is also very easy to use you just need to upload your desired torrent and it will give you the direct download link in few seconds.


Seedr can be used free but it comes with a restrictions like you can only download files up to 1 GB but you can earn some extra space up to 4 GB by sharing the links to your friends.

If you are someone who needs space around 30 GB or 1 TB Seedr also provides you that but with some costs.

Seedr comes in 3 different plans: SEEDR BASIC, SEEDR PRO AND SEEDR MASTER.

Seedr Basic: Seedr Basic will provide you 30 GB Storage with Kaspersky antivirus protection for files, 2 parallel links, Ultra high download speed,HD streaming of Video files and 8 Parallel Downloads.

Seedr Pro: Seedr Pro has all Seedr Basic features with 100 GB storage, High-speed File transferring Protocol, Private trackers and Static IP’s for Private Trackers (Private Tracker: A private tracker is a BitTorrent tracker that restricts use by requiring users to register with the site.)

Seedr Master: It has all the features of Basic and Pro with 1 TB Storage, 25 Parallel link, FTP + HIGH SPEED WebDAV Drive (which means very fast download speed).



  1. Reach Seedr.ccTorrent login page
  2. Enter your email id and pass in the register field and click “Register with email”.
  3. After registering, go to your mail and complete verification process.
  4. After logging into Seedr account, on the top right there are options for Paste link and Upload File.
  5. LINK: Seedr needs magnet link, how to get magnet link: Goto any torrent website Right click magnet icon and copy link address. Magnet link of torrent
  6. Paste the link in the bar of Seedr and Click + icon.
  7. Torrent will be added wait for it to finish seeding, right click it and click download.
  8. Upload File: If you don’t have magnet link but you have .torrent file.
  9. Just click Upload button on top right corner, select torrent file, wait to complete seeding and right click and download it.

Torrent is best way to get any file but its illegal in many countries, you should always use VPN for downloading the torrents.

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