Something About Poco F1 Camera and Google Camera

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][td_block_trending_now][td_block_text_with_title]Nowadays Poco F1 is very famous for its flagship phone and in this range, we can’t even think about the phone it has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage and the main thing is it gives you Snapdragon 845. The main thing is that no one gives you this processor and In this range, you can only find Snapdragon 650 approx and the camera and the sensors you can not find.

Xiaomi Directly compares there phono to OnePlus 6 in sense of speed and camera and also you can find the Liquid colling Technology when you use the Poco f1 heavily and it cool your phone simply. But something in Oneplus you even can’t compare.
The camera of Poco F1 and Google Camera

Poco’s Own Camera vs Google Camera

When we use the Poco stock camera that time the AI mode is automatically on and also the beauty mode is always on by default. It is good for when you clicked pics on daylight but the photos will blur and worst in a night.

For the night photos use the Google Camera that is best it creates the problem when you customize but its default setting is really good as compared to the Poco Stock camera.

pocophone cameraThe Low light shoot with poco phone is good when you use Google camera in a night. It is good when you use 4:3 ratio but when you use 16:9 the pictures like the starch means it like when you starch the pictures in long. but the natures pic will be awesome with that. The Google Front camera is average and the back camera is better in the night as told you earlier. In Google camera, many functions are not working and like full HD HDR photos and Slow motion video etc.

Poco stock camera uses by default AI as well as Beauty mode which is good but if you want purely Natural Image than you have to use Google camera. In daylight the Poco camera is too good will also share the same sample of Poco Stock camera.

Final Words-

In final words, i can only say that if you like click photos in low light than I recommended Google camera will give the link but for rhe normal use I prefer the Pocophone stock camera.


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