This time you can see Top 5 free Android apps include games that can be very used fully for daily use. You can directly download from Play store by clicking the link. All apps are free of use but some of them In-app Purchase.

  1. Anchor – It is the app where you can create your own Radio Station or mini podcast and you can instantly broadcast your voice, your ideas and your music in all over the world. Some extra features like- CALL-INS mean your lanterns call your station at any time, VOICE means record yourself your friend or anything around you and so many. It’s free of cost. Anchor

  2. Merge Apps & Tabs – The main and best feature is you can put your Crome tabs in the Recent apps screen. Google can recently remove this feature but you can again use this app. You can easily access switch between your browser tabs from anywhere in your phone using the navigation bar button. It’s free. Merge App

  3. Notify me (Notification Reminder) – This app reminds you to all your tasks within simple Android Notification. You can create your custom notifications within a second, you can create, share, bundle, customize, edit notifications. It can use to remind your dates, takes or anything that you want too. You can choose the icon, can open the different app, can have an alarm. Notify me is also free. Notify me

  4. Cup Cup (Glass 2 Glass) – It is a game where you can where your job is to put liquid in one glass and then pour into another glass. The Size and Shape of second glass are always changing automatically.You have to full right amount of liquid on first glass and it doesn’t overflow when you pour in second glass. It’s a free app but In-app Purchase. Cup Cup

  5. Faraway: Puzzle Escape – It is an ancient temple full of challenges and mysterious puzzle game where you can observe the environment, collect items, solve puzzles. Your journey will take you from desert and oasis to old crumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization. It is a free but In-purchase app. Fareway



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