Top 5 Games of November

Every week we are going to give you set of Games that you can play in your free time, and you also enjoy them so let’s get started.

Every day new and exciting games launch on Google Play store after passing the Policies of Google. Games listed below are free to download with in-app purchases for some items you can directly download them from Google Play store.

The Tower Assassin’s Creed








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The Android game company Ketchapp launched its new game “The Tower Assassin’s Creed.” The objective of the game is to make the assassin go higher by stacking the blocks of the tower on the top of other. In this game alignment of the blocks plays a vital role to get the higher scores. The block piece will get small in the wrong arrangement and result in losing the game. The game has assassin’s creed theme, so if you are the fan of Assassin’s Creed fan you must try this game its free on Play Store, and you can also have paid version of this by spending $1.99.

Shadow Fight 3





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The Nekki studios came with their new game that is the next version of their previous match Shadow Fight, but this time they gave a lot of changes to the graphics of the game, smooth animations, realistic physics and effect, this time the game characters are not only shadows they are real. The objective of the game is same as the previous series you have to win by improving fighting skills of character and upgrading armor and winning the battle. The game is free to download but with in-app purchase from $1 to $119.









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Ballz game is another time killer game by Ketchapp this game is minimal in size and contains endless levels of colorful graphics and pop sounds. In this game, you will have balls and the tiles with the number, number on tiles defines the number of balls require to break it you have to use your skills to cut as many as tiles, in game you will also be able to get extra balls by hitting circles that will come in the games. The game is free to download from play store with the in-app purchase from $1 to $2.

Fast like a Fox





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Fast like a Fox game is the Fingersoft companies most popular game. The game is simple you will play as a Fox you need to run and jump over the obstacles, but here the twist comes, in ordinary running games you have to control the characters by buttons, but in this game, you can control the  Fox by using the sensors on your device for this you just have to tap on the back of your phone to make the Fox run the faster you touch faster the Fox will run. The game is free to download the in-app purchase from $0.99 to $2.99.


Guns of Boom





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Guns of Boom is the online first-person shooter game in Play Store the game is all about winning, each time when you start the game you will spawn in the new location you have to defeat your enemies with the help of your team.In the game, you will have the infinite life, but with every death, some points of your team will be detected that can also become a chance to lose against the army. This game is free in the play store, and if you want to purchase some extra items inside the game, the game has in-app purchases from $9.99 to $95.

Which game is your favorite?

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