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Trell An app for Explorers Best Wanderlust App

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The honest review for the trell app is it’s awesome for the travellers and they can search any place where we want to go and the things we already know that where is best places to go there the hotels and all. For example, If I want to go on any trip to Goa. First, I would like to see the best places in Goa and also the rating, Food, Cheapest Hotel and all. The most important one is Customers review. I install many apps for that but in your app, I find everything related to this. People share their views and the best thing is that you will see places all over the world. Not just the places but best places, festivals and cultures around the World. This app also tells that what the feature tails etc is. Some best features of this app what I liked-

    1. Featured Tails- In which you can see the most trending stories, It shows randomly trails and allows users to see what is happening and what beauty different corners of the world contains.
    2. Budget Travel- It shows that places which in the budget all around the world “but do not show the price of the trip”. It can let you have an idea that around what budget can you operate this trip smoothly so, even if not accurate but having a basic idea about the budget will help you a lot.
    3. Festivals Around the World- It shows the Festivals all around the world and also many people post their videos and photos so you can see how they will celebrate the occasion. “It shows the story wise not the country wise or state wise it shows who latest go the place and post about the Festival.” Every part of the world has different cultures and festivals so you can witness some great occasions and share your memories with the people around that matter to you.
    4. Hidden Stories- Hidden story means to say that we went to many places, after visiting then many say did you visit this place and all then I realize that what I miss that so the best thing is people already visit that place and they post about that. So, we can visit that too.

      1. Art and Culture- When peoples visit the places then it also sees their culture and shares their experience of what type of culture they follow. “Again, it shows randomly places the customization is not there.
      2. Mountain Hikes- Mountains are sure to attract adventure savvy people and thus you can find the best places to visit where mountains can cheer up your memories and moments. The app can show you the places according to your choices related to mountains and higher places where various fun adventures and contests are held to thrill you up. Not only the mountain beauty but the view of the nearby places is way too good to handle, you can find shots of the places too.
      3. Ultimate Bike Trip– In this you can find the best places to bike tracking and many people share their views and videos also so you can easily check that where we can stay for some time and like hotel, Chai Stall and we Indians really love Chai stall in middle of journey mostly when we are going to bike. Many share their views and their views are very helpful for who track that place.
      4. Followers- In this app when you create your account many are following you and they can easily see your trails they will like and share also on many social media sites. You can like share and comment on the posts or can view other people’s posts very easily just by following them.
      5. Following- Many are travel blogger so always visit new places and share their views about that place and also share pictures and videos too. SO, you can easily follow them and in priority, you can see their post. There is an option following so whenever you click on that it shows there post only whom you follow.
      6. It shows trending trails of the week- it’s a slide share you cannot turn the trail again and again. Otherwise, it shows randomly post on their page.

      create your trails- trell appmark on google-trell app












    5. When you open the app firstly it shows the featured post and, on the top, it shows you nearby locations picture or post that can you easily visit. The thing I liked it the priority is showing my nearby post. It shows everything that is famous near me like foot best places and also all the views of users who post about that place.There is  totally new option about like, In other apps if you like someone’s post you will press like button and it shows Heart logo but there is some different thing if you think that post is ok you just press one time like button so the Heart colour is likely Blue, if you think the post is very good then press the like button second time then the colour is Purple it add 2 like for that post and if you think the post is Outstanding then press like button 3rd time the colour changes to red and some more with gesture and it added 3 like for that post. That is a good feature. You can also see the views of the post means how many peoples already saw that trail.

      If you visit the nearby places and you can add to try-outs there are 2 tabs one is for the visiting nearby and the another is the recent one so you can check that where you visit the last. In your account section, you can see the places you visit, trails you post, how many Followers you have, and How many Following. You can also link your Social Media and watch later- trell appshare your trails- trell app












      In the bottom, they suggest you the best places like “Street Food in Mumbai”, “Places that escape on weekends”. It gives an idea that what to do on weekends, Adventuresses journey of Jungle.

      About Contest– “Get Paid to Travel”- It organises the contest about travel means you can participate and also get Paid with that. When you visit the places, you have to review and tell about them in a video and post on your trail. After reviewing all it chooses the winner and lucky get Monsoon Gateway with his/her friend.

      Cons- First I would say the cons of the app what is realised.

      • The Size of the app, there are many sites like Trails who shows the same thing and the size is 33MB that is very big as compared to others and I would say it will be worked on Size because many apps are already installed in phones so users avoid installing big size of apps.
      • The customization of the trails means that the post is really awesome but the thing is not customizing according to places/States so it will a time saver or people will easily find what they want to.
      • It takes time to be familiar because it is totally different from other apps like that.
      • The interface is very pretty is hard to understand at some pages.
      • Navigation of the app is confusing.

      Pros-There are many pros or can say uncountable

      • The First one is layout the layout is really awesome, can beat any other app.
      • Speed is good and easily open images and videos and comfortable with visiting different tabs.
      • Likes Button has 3 different option which one don’t know about many.
      • Following and Followers option that simply shows the likes and pictures.
      • The Nearby places and the suggestion of that place


      After analysing the app, I would like to suggest some point about that app.

      • You can improve the fragmentation so people are easily familiar with this app.
      • Sorting of featured trails so users and sort according to their need like, based on the locality that they can search and save their time.

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