Choosing wallpapers for your Android device sometimes becomes a problem because we can’t find wallpapers so fast to fill our needs and gives us satisfaction. Instead of searching online for wallpapers you can create your, Yes! You heard it right you can create your wallpaper and not ordinary wallpapers. Make your Map of any location your wallpaper. See the Screenshots down below.


To create these type of Map Wallpapers just follow the steps given below: TV


1. Download Mapaper from Playstore.


2. Open the app and grant all permissions required by the app.

3. After this, you will be welcomed with a map on the screen and STYLES at the bottom.


4. Search Location using the search bar given in the app OR just find your place through zooming on the map.

5. After seeing your location adjust it according to you and select STYLE that matches your style and Click save button at the bottom.

Screenshot6. Goto your home screen and long press to choose the Wallpapers to click Pick Image and find the image on the sd card it is placed in the folder named Mapaper, just click and apply your Wallpaper.




The Mapper app is not free it costs Rs 70 with no in app purchase and this app worth the money.


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