Like it or not notch is becoming the future of smartphones borrowed from the Apple every new device is releasing with a notch some companies make notch bigger some make it smaller but it remains a notch. So leaving notch behind lets talk about the Vivo V9.

Vivo a formal company of China that recently launched its new product Vivo V9. This smartphone is full bezel-less with a notch on the top of home-screen.The Operating system Android is heavily themed in Vivo V9 smartphone to give a look like iOS devices and they also included the iPhone X like gestures that will help users to easily handle the smartphone by one hand like going to homescreen just swipe up from bottom, Vivo wants to give its users iOS like feel with their devices at cheap prices. The smartphone also has an  fingerprint sensor on its real side. Vivo V9 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 octa-core processor and most famous dual lens setup for the back camera. Like other Vivo devices V9 is also focused on Camera that means you will get a selfie oriented 24MP front camera. Vivo V9 has the screen size of 2280×1080. Overall Vivo V9 is a budget phone with the price of  ‎₹ 22,990.00

Wallpapers of Vivo V9:

Vivo V9‘s wallpapers are being inspired from Apple and some other companies. You can download these wallpapers and apply on your phone it will look awesome because all of the wallpapers are in high- resolution that makes is perfect for any screen size.

Many wallpapers are focused upon landscape and some are abstract designs. There are 25 official wallpapers of Vivo V9 that will be shipped with the smartphone. Each wallpaper is having the resolution of 2280 x1080 the native screen size of Vivo V9.

To download these stunning wallpapers click here.


Tell us do you like a phone with a notch or not?


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