Do you know about the Truecaller? Or here something about the Truecaller? Yes? Then you know about the Truecaller, or if your answer is No, then I will tell about everything about the Truecaller means that all information, how it works, how can use that and everything. You can hear about many apps like this who claims that you can see the Name of the owner of the SIM any much more but they all about fake, these type of apps you can find on Android Play Store or iOS store. But somehow what I experience on TureCaller is better than the other apps. We can talk about the TrueCall, and what I experience or my review says it is a good but at a limit means to says it has some pros and as well as cons also. I will tell you everything about TrueCaller.

What is TrueCaller-

TrueCaller is an app for Android, iOS also for Blackberry. The main use of this app is it search unknown number that you can search and also if some call came with unknown number and via Truecall is on your mobile then it shows the name of the owner of the SIM. A TrueCaller is an app that can show the name of an unknown number. This app demonstrates the Name of the person, Where the SIM from means City and State, describe the number means which type of no is Education, Services, Transportation, etc. You can say a category, and it also shows the location of the phone, but for the location, you have to upgrade to Pro version. For Pro version, there is money you have to invest some money. This app very helps full, but we know there is two way of all some pros and cons also there for everything.

How to Install TrueCaller-

The good thing about this app is that This app is available for the all the Operating System for smartphones. It is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian also. If you have an Android Smartphone, then Truecaller APK for Android Download.

In Android-  

  1. Go to Play Store and search TrueCaller,
  2. You got the “TrueCaller: Caller ID & Dialer.”
  3. Click on install.
  4. After the Installation, Open the app and create the New Account or login with your existing account. You can also signup with your Google Account, Facebook Account, and Microsoft Account.
  5. When you enter your details Like Name that can show on your number for e.g. Name is Ankit and Ankit call their friend then it shows Ankit.

In iOS-

  1. Open your App Store and search for Truecaller.
  2. You got the “TrueCaller: Caller ID & Dialer.”
  3. Click on install and enter your password.
  4. 4. After the Installation, Open the app and create the New Account or login with your existing account. You can also signup with your Google Account, Facebook Account, and Microsoft Account.

What is the Use of Truecaller and How to use?

By the use of Truecaller, you can find the name of an Unknown number. You can also search by manually by dial the Number, but the condition is that you Truecaller needs the internet connection with the net you can able to search. There are also some features of the Truecaller that is when some spam call comes it detect and also ask you to is this spam calls? Many users give their feedback that is spam and all. It also identifies the spam messages, and that is Good. You can use it directly, Open the Truecaller and you see the dial list, and it automatically detects the name and if you want to search touch on dial pad and write the number and click on search and you get the name of the person and the city name and state name. 100 Million peoples download this app, and also Rating is 4.5 out of 5. You can also see the last call received and dialed with this number.

Do you hear the New feature of the Truecaller?

Truecaller release the new feature that is Payment transfer and recharge. You can able to send money to another person, and you can also recharge via Truecaller. Just go to the left upper corner and click it and see payment option if you click on that there are two options “Send money and recharge” now fill all the details and transfer money. There is another option below the “Payments” and verify the number then you able to do recharge also. ICICI Bank powers this UPI transfer.

The Features or Pros of the Truecaller-

Do you know the features of the Truecaller-

  • It Shows the Name of unknown person.
  • If the name is wrong, then you can edit the name also means another person can edit and suggest the new name.
  • You can Block the number and SMS also.
  • It automatically detects the call is spam.
  • It shows the City and State of the Number with Name.
  • You can block SMS too.
  • You can also search Manually number.
  • In pro version, you can able to see callers location.
  • You can search any number.
  • Available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian also.

Cons of Truecaller-

If something has a Pros, then there is also some cons of the thing. This time we can talk about Cons/Disadvantages of the Truecaller.

  • It consumes battery power of the smartphone.
  • If someone takes a New SIM, then it can’t show the number.
  • Not always shows the right information.
  • If someone creates an account with wrong information, then it shows wrong information.
  • Always shows unwanted ads.

In the end, I can say that This app is excellent and have many advantages and In this era, we can’t manage the phone directory so we can directly see the Name of the person. You can also save directly the number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

  1. What is Truecaller Pro/Professional and How can I buy it?

Ans- Go to Menu in the top upper side and buy. You get rid of ads and many other features.

  1. How can I block the Number?

Ans- Go to Navigation Block and tap Shield icon ( + ) in the upper right side and see the Blocking option.

  1. How to Unblock Number?

Ans- Remove the number from the block list on navigation tab on My block list.

  1. Can Truecaller see hidden or private numbers?

Ans- No, it’s not possible. The number needs to be known and visible for Truecaller identity.

  1. How to change My name on Truecaller?

Ans- Tap to Edit and update your profile.



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