Whatsapp now supports pip in video links

WIth the release of Android Oreo Google introduced PIP (Picture in Picture) Mode to the Android users. PIP mode helps the user to view videos while doing other activities on their devices, video will be played on a floating window above the screen. After the release many video players like VLC started the support of PIP mode. Just press the home button during video playback it will run in the PIP mode. Whatsapp is adding new features to the upcoming versions like Inline Photo preview in Notification, Dark Mode, Swipe to Reply a message, PIP mode for video links. Some of these features are available in the beta version of the Whatsapp.

If you are running the latest beta  version of Whatsapp you will see there is a new play button in the preview of the video. If you are on Android Oreo or above clicking on the play button will open the video in the floating window. You can move the window accordingly, play/pause the video or even close it by tapping the cross button on the top right side of the floating window. This feature will save a lot of users time and provide direct video to them.

PIP mode working on WhatsappThis will work when sender sends the link after the preview is loaded in the senders message if its not then a simple link will be sended that will open regular Youtube app to play the video. This feature is not only limited to the Youtube users can send Facebook and Instagram videos also and it will be shown in the new PIP mode but unfortunately it doesn’t support Twitter videos yet, maybe we will be able to send Twitter videos also so that they can be played in PIP mode in future updates of the Whatsapp.Preview of PIP moe on Whatsapp

Currently, this feature is available in the beta version 2.18.301 of Whatsapp. If you are a beta tester probably you will get an update or if you are not a beta tester you can download the apk from Apkmirror.


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