Whatsapp taking strict actions regarding message forwarding

Whatsapp is the most widely used chatting application in the world. Whatsapp have 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide and 200 million+ active users from India only. Like everyone says a coin has two faces just like this Whatsapp is the best tool for communication and it is also the best tool for spreading the rumors.
A lot of fake news had been flowing through the internet, and Whatsapp is the top application to do that. This problem came into highlight when the mob started killing peoples by beating due to fake news floating around. According to the latest news, a mob killed a man and 30 peoples got arrested. The government of India thought to take action against this, and they asked the Whatsapp about this issue.
Looking at this issue, it’s been found that most of the people forward the message to their friends and this chain goes on. Recently we saw Whatsapp added a small feature that shows the message has forwarded by a label on the top of the message. Today Whatsapp gave an update which limits the number of forwarding the messages to only 5 peoples. The unfortunate events or blood shedding may get stopped by this feature of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp forward limiting feature
Whatsapp also removed the option to quick forward the media from the messages.

Whatsapp removed wuick forward icon
The changes are live from today for all users of India. You will get the update soon through PlayStore.

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